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Re: Microsoft Again creates New Accessibility Problems With Internet Explorer 7

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  • wrrnshwn
    Hi Peter, I thought that I repled to the post below but do not see it. here it is (again?) See inline comment ... Ai Squared is releasing ZoomText 9.04 for
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 30, 2006
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      Hi Peter,

      I thought that I repled to the post below but do not see it. here it
      is (again?)

      See inline comment

      --- In magnifiers@yahoogroups.com, "Verhoeven, Peter"
      <peter.verhoeven@...> wrote:
      > Hi Shwawn,
      > See inline comment.
      > >
      > >
      > > In this article you wrote, when referring to IE7...
      > >
      > > "No existing...screen magnifier will work properly with it" I
      > > am curious about the screen magnifier issues (ZoomText
      > > Magnifier, Lunar and Magic in particular), I'm not aware of any.
      > >
      > Is that why AI Squared releases 9.04, because there are no issues?
      > Please read forums like this and others, where people report serious
      > problems with Zoomtext and IE7!

      Ai Squared is releasing ZoomText 9.04 for reading features in
      MagReader not ZoomText Magnifier.

      > > "Speech will stop in most screen readers or never starts.
      > > Special reading options in screen reader...will not work." We
      > > did not see any issues with SuperNova 7. We have not looked
      > > at Jaws yet (and if there are issues I'm sure fixes will be
      > > available within days.).
      > >
      > Interesting that employees of AI Squared are doing Dolphin test.
      > Supernova stops speaking after opening File menu in IE7.

      Yes Ai Squared tests Dolphin just like the Dolphin tests ZoomText. Ai
      Squared likes being leaders in low-vision software and the good people
      at Dophin like to be the best too. I think this is beneficial for all.

      > Microsoft knows this problem, but as usual accessiblity issues are not
      > very important for them realy.
      > > "Who is paying for this?" There is no charge for users
      > > ZoomText that is currently on the market (and I'm sure this
      > > will be true for other products).
      > >
      > Users that have the most recent versions of screen reader and screen
      > magnifier can get a free update or fix, but the majority uses an older
      > version. Will AI Squared solve compatibility issues with Zoomtext 7 or 8
      > and IE7?
      > Does AI Squared and all other companies in the AT iindustry give all
      > screen reader and magnifier users full access to Windows Vista, without
      > the need for a paid upgrade?

      The answer for Ai Squared is no. Over 1/2 of the staff has been
      working many months to support Windows Vista.

      > Some people here in the Netherlands get only paid a release of there
      > home used access software once in five years. Those social security
      > companies use the accessiblity quotes from Microsoft to argue why you do
      > not get a new release paid.
      > What about all those millions of visually impaired in upcoming economic
      > coutries like India and China? Who is going to pay the bill to give them
      > access and let them participate in society?
      > > I hope my comments are not taken the wrong way. I appreciate
      > > the content of the article you wrote. I'm simply curious
      > > about the support for the IE7 statements.
      > >
      > I'm more afraid of people installing IE7 and getting problems. I have
      > the idea, that no good testing was done and why is Microsoft planning an
      > automatic update if they know some people can get serious problems like
      > speech loss. Not everyone is a computer expert, who can remove SAPI
      > DLL's from specific directories. Most can not, are only depending of a
      > working system.
      > I'm curious about the support AT companies are going to give all those
      > people when things go wrong? What if they use old versions?

      I believe that overall AT companies give support that is far superior
      to non-AT software companies and that includes support for old
      versions. I believe this is true because 1.) AT companies know support
      is more critcal to its customers and 2.) customers, far more often
      than not, express genuine gratefulness for products our services and
      this motiviates us to continue and work harder.

      > Peter Verhoeven
      > Mgnifiers.org
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