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  • Michael Wigle
    Although large print software tends to have a rough time with speech feedback of web pages, screen readers such as Jaws and Window-Eyes already do what is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2002
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      Although large print software tends to have a rough time with speech
      feedback of web pages, screen readers such as Jaws and Window-Eyes already
      do what is mentioned in this e-mail. Using Jaws I can quickly and easily
      switch between frames and when I reach a picture the descriptive tag (if
      any) is already read now. The problem with accessibility of web pages is
      more due to the person writing the web page taking shortcuts. Many web pages
      use are simply missing the textual information or are created using
      technology that uses only graphics to display information on the screen even
      though to the eye it may look like regular text. Convincing web page
      developers to not take shortcuts would be, in my opinion, a greater step
      toward accessible web sites than anything that can be done to a web browser.

      Michael Wigle
      Computer Access Specialist
      Cincinnati Association for the Blind

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      Subject: [magnifiers] [Fwd: Most wanted feature in Moz]
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      Subject: Most wanted feature in Moz
      Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 18:57:12 +0200
      From: Bas Cancrinus <justsayyes@...>
      Newsgroups: netscape.public.mozilla.accessibility


      Unlike earlier posts I'd like to present 1 feature for Mozilla, which
      could make it a "killer app" for the blind and visual impaired. From my
      own experiences and those of many others I conclude the following:
      screen readers, either standalone or embedded into magnifiers (such as
      DocReader in ZoomText Xtra) fail to process content from web browsers

      In general the above is caused by the following elements within this
      content: table structures, images and frames. Therefore I'd like to
      propose alternative page rendering that disables these elements. The
      following scenario describes how a page that consists of all these
      elements should be processed.

      1. USR: Points SYS to URL.
      2. SYS: Detects frameset.
      3. SYS: Adds tabbed window for each frame.
      4. SYS: [WHILE] Rendering each frame into its tabbed window...
      4.1 PARSER: [IF] img tag detected...
      4.1.1 RENDERER: [THEN] display "Image: " + (alt value [OR] URL)
      4.2 PARSER: [IF] table tag detected...
      4.2.2 RENDERER: Display each tr tag as hr tag; display each th/td tag as
      p&b/p tag respectively.

      Please let me know if the concepts of this scenario are clear.


      Bas Cancrinus -> bas@...
      Software Architect
      Cipherware Ltd. -> http://www.cipherware.com

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