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[magnifiers] ZoomText 7.03.02 released

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  • Peter Verhoeven
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2000
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      Dear list members and usenet readers,

      AiSquared has released version 7.03.02 of ZoomText Xtra.
      This minor update improves ZoomText's DocReader hotkey operation and
      support for WordPerfect 9.

      Licensed users of ZoomText Xtra 7 can download this update for free
      by visiting The Screen Magnifiers Homepage at
      http://www.magnifiers.org, click the Download option in the menu and
      select the What's New link there.

      ZoomText Xtra 7 is a professional screen magnifier plus screen reader
      (speech support) for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000, that magnifies
      all your Windows applications from 2 to 16 times in all display
      resolutions and color depth.

      People who never tried ZoomText Xtra 7 can download and install a
      free 30 day trial version.

      Have a nice day!
      Regards Peter Verhoeven
      Internet : http://www.magnifiers.org (The Screen Magnifiers Homepage)
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