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945WebFormator FREE helper application for screen readers

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  • Peter Verhoeven
    Jun 6, 2001
      Hi all,

      Today I downloaded and installed the free WebFormator application from
      http://www.webformator.com and I'm realy impressed by it. With the help of
      this application access to the Internet for those of us highly depend on
      speech or a braille display will realy improve.

      What it does?

      WebFormator, developed by Frank Audiodata, opens a text only version of a
      web page loaded in Internet Explorer 5.1 higher, in a separate window. It
      replaces the images by alternative text and give information about the
      different elements in the web pages. For example: if text is a hyperlink
      the word Link is placed for the text.
      Pages in a frame construction and tables are reformatted, that makes them
      much easier to read. The power of this application in my opinion is, that
      it not only remove inaccessible elements in a web page - like most other
      utilities of this kind do, but that it let you swithc from the text only to
      the normal view by simply pressing F12.

      WebFormator can best be seen as an additional navigation and reading
      feature for Internet Explorer. If you found a form in the WebFormator
      window, you can position your cursor on a field in the form, press F12 to
      open the normal view window and type text in an imput field. If you press
      F12 the cursor in the normal window is always at the same position as the
      cursor in the WebFormator window.

      You can open a new web page by pressing CONTROL + o and type the URL. You
      can use tab and control tab keys in WebFormator to switch between
      hyperlinks and form elements. You can press control + m to select a
      specific frame.

      WebFormator is compatible with all screen readers. It requires Internet
      Explorer 5.01 or hight and Windows 98/ME/2000/NT.
      The program is free and is available in different languages: German,
      Norwegian, Italian, Swedish, Dutch and English.

      After you install the program you must first run register.bat located in
      the folder where you installed WebFormator, before the application works.

      Regards Peter Verhoeven