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862Print out documents by webpage or E-mails with large print software

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  • Kenneth Murray
    Apr 4, 2001
      I am not an expert, but I do not think extra software is needed. When I
      use IE5, the text on the page is dictated by the font I have selected in
      Tools/options. I believe I have instructed the browser to "ignore" the
      font on the web page. I can also change the font size on the web page,
      five levels, Largest to Smallest. When I change the font size, it will
      print on my Deskjet in the size I select. I use Win ME. For emails, I
      use Outlook Express, and in that program I also have "View/text size"

      Ken Murray: The "Blind Guy"
      SKP 33809, WIN 1924, SMART 9621, RVC 1764
      Kettering Ohio (near Dayton)
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