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861RE: [magnifiers] Print out documents by web page or E-mails with large print software

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  • Karen McCall
    Apr 3, 2001

      For Communicator, under Edit, Preferences, Font, you can determine the font
      size displayed on a page and then tell Netscape to only use your font colour
      or size. I tried setting the font at 20 pt and it printed out at that font

      I use Outlook, but I took a look at the Netscape mail and there is an option
      under View to increase or decrease a font. The other alternative is to se if
      you can use a stationary and get it to only use that stationary [which you
      can make fonts as large or small in].

      Hope this helps.


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      large print software

      Hello, everybody!

      I have a question for you about LP-WIN and printing. My girlfriend
      uses LP-WIN to read her webpage and E-Mail. she is using netscape
      communicator 4.76 for her E-Mail. She leaves Netscape as defaults but
      reads with LP-WIN to enlarge the webpage to make it look proper.

      If she wanted to print her document, either the webpage or E-Mail,
      she found out that her hard copy printed into a TINY print; she can
      NOT read anything!!! She showed me the hard copy. I found she has to
      do something else to do the job.

      does anyone know how can she enlarge her documents to print out with
      large fonts as she can read?

      I would appreciate your reply. Thank you very much!

      Very truly yours,
      John Cunniff
      Server Administrator

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