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5289watch this short video the person you enrolled would begin making money

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    May 10, 2013
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      In case you haven�t noticed apps are growing at a phenomenal rate!

      Level 9 is now growing by 2,000 new people each week and some of those people would have been under you already! Level 9 has no legs to balance, no complicated qualifiers to move up the plan, not even a requirement to enroll others and you're still going to make prosper!

      For those who do get the power of this simple, yet powerful opportunity, and share it with others, there's a 25% and 50% matching bonus. Imagine if you enrolled someone who did nothing at all in any MLM. You'd make nothing! However with Level 9, if they got spillover, which is happening for everyone so far because we're all in at the beginning, the person you enrolled would begin making money, and you would get 25% of what ever they made, or 50% if you enrolled 6 or more!
      Our short video explains it all!


      Like the Nike slogan: Just Do It!!!!

      Extremely low risk and huge potential!

      This is a total no brainer!

      Please watch this short video, join and then send this out to people you know!!!!

      Watch our short video here:


      Come join us. Be part of something great!
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