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Log on Support in ZoomText and Windows 7

  • John Cunniff
    Mar 25, 2013 Expand Messages
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      Hello, Everybody,

      Last night, I got a new computer up & running. I have ZoomText 10
      installed into my Windows 7 system. When I am in my account [after
      rebooting or start up, went to my account directly without a problem.]
      But, after I logged off from my Windows session and got an icon to
      show up with my name "JohnC" and when I got Logon Support dialog box
      running, it ran to 2X magnification. I tried to enlarge it, a funny
      video showed that an icon got enlarged, but the mouse pointer didn't
      get enlarged as much. I tried to move across the screen, the screen
      moved a little slowly.

      I wonder why is it happening? I clicked on an icon, and ZT ran
      smoothly while moving my mouse across the screen normally. I don't
      understand why this is slowing down in Logon area.

      I think maybe conflict with something??? Have any of you experienced like this?

      Thank you for your help.

      Johnny :)

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