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  • John Cunniff
    Jan 11 1:38 PM
      Hello, Everybody!

      I am curious, when I receives all ZoomText updates information from Ai
      Squared, I noticed in the To: field, it says something like =?utf-8?Q??= --
      it is very weird! I wonder is this normal???

      Additionally, when I see "Click to download images" I added to the "Sender
      safe mode" and I got another e-mail asked me again! I don't know why this is
      happening. I am using Microsoft Outlook 2003. in Windows XP.

      Can anyone of you help?

      Thank you very much.

      Johnny :)

      John Cunniff
      Deaf-Blind Contact Center
      E-mail: johnc@... or johncunniff@...
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jcunniff
      IMs: JCunn27611 or johncunniff@...
      PhoneS: 781-517-7588; Text IM: 781-606-0343
      Skype: [PPD - Busy schedules]
      Fax: 781-979-0215