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5271Re: [magnifiers] Using Adobe Reader X with ZoomText 9.19

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  • Haverp@aol.com
    Oct 7 8:31 PM
      Use these settings in Adobe Reader X to use with ZoomText

      Settings for Adobe reader X (10.xx)

      Choose Edit > Preferences

      Form the categories frame on the left

      1) Choose General
      At the bottom of the page remove the check mark for
      Enable protected mode at startup
      (NOTE: be aware that this is a security feature and has a risk associated
      with turning this off, However ZoomText readers will not work with this

      2) Choose 3D & Multimedia category
      Remove the check mark for Enable hardware rendering for legacy video card
      Then be sure that the Preferred Renderer changed to Software if it did
      not then choose it

      3) Accessibility under the Override Page Display section
      Check the box for Always use Page Layout Style choose Single Page
      Also check the box for Always use Zoom Setting choose 100%

      4) Choose Internet category remove check mark Display PDF in Browser

      5) Reading category
      Under check the box for Override the reading order in tagged documents
      Under the Screen Reader Options
      Page vs Document Options: choose Read the entire document
      Remove the check for Confirm before tagging documents

      6) Choose OK to save these settings


      In a message dated 10/7/2012 4:50:58 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      johncunniff@... writes:

      Hello, Everybody!

      I have a question for you.

      I have been trying to run an ebook that has been scanned to be created into
      PDF file. I am using ZoomText 9.19 with Adobe Reader X (version 10). When I
      ran the program, the hot keys won't work. I try to exit Adobe Reader X,
      ZoomText hot key worked. I think that there is a problem with ZoomText not
      working when I use Adobe Reader X.

      Does anyone have the solution for me? Please let me know if any.

      Thank you very much.

      Johnny :)

      John Cunniff
      Deaf-Blind Contact Center
      E-mail: _johnc@..._ (mailto:johnc@...) or
      _johncunniff@..._ (mailto:johncunniff@...)
      Facebook: _http://www.facebook.com/jcunniff_
      IMs: JCunn27611 or _johncunniff@..._ (mailto:johncunniff@...)
      PhoneS: 781-517-7588; Text IM: 781-606-0343
      Skype: [PPD - Busy schedules]
      Fax: 781-979-0215

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