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5252RE: [magnifiers] ZoomText 9.1 locked out...

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  • Doug Hacker
    May 2, 2012
      I just spoke with our support team on this issue. They have zero reports of this happening across the entire worldwide user base running ZT 9.1.

      Please feel free to contact our support team directly if you experience something like this - but our assumption is that there is no problem.



      Ai Squared

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      I have been running Zoom Text 10 since I bought this computer in December of
      last year and have no problems at all with it. It is very stable indeed.

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      I noticed warning message telling about new version too but I had no problem
      with it, just like you.

      I use Zoomtext 9.19 with Windows 7 64 bits.

      I remark that the first two or three times I accounted this warning message
      in my screen, I was in a hurry and did not check box "Don't inform me
      again." So I was shown this dialog box sometimes before I disabled it.
      Despites it did not cause bugs or instability in my computer.

      Your friend's report sounds really strange.

      By the way, I have not tested Zoomtext 10 in my computer yet. Do you folks
      have a opinion about how it performs in comparison with Zoomtext 9.19? I
      don't mean about new features. My question is: did you find Zoomtext 10
      faster or more stable than Zoomtext 9.1?



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      Subject: [magnifiers] ZoomText 9.1 locked out...

      Hello, All!

      My friend told me that she visited my other friend who is low vision, a low
      vision friend experienced a computer problem. My sighted friend came over to
      help her. Found out that ZoomText might be causing Windows 7 to be in "Safe
      Mode" after it keeps popping up requesting her to upgrade from ZoomText 9.1
      to 10. A sighted friend told her needs to upgrade to ZoomText 10. I myself
      use ZoomText 9.19 on both laptop & desktop. Windows XP & 7. No lockouts for
      both platoforms. So, I tried to click "Don't inform me..." and it worked
      fine so, no more bugging me. I think that my l/w friend didn't click on
      "Don't inform me again..." Oh well. Unfortunately, my copy of ZoomText is a
      state-funded copy. I consulted with my Deaf-Blind Unit supervisor and am
      waiting for them to approve a fund for me to receive ZoomText 10 copy later.
      During this time, they're quite busy with a severe Budget Cuts for FY'13, I

      Anyone of you experience with ZoomText "Lockout" from running ZoomText 9.1
      after the first pop-up message informed you of "ZoomText 10 is available!"?

      Thank you.

      Johnny :)

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