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5251RE: [magnifiers] ZoomText 9.1 locked out...

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    May 2 2:41 AM
      I have been running Zoom Text 10 since I bought this computer in December of
      last year and have no problems at all with it. It is very stable indeed.

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      I noticed warning message telling about new version too but I had no problem
      with it, just like you.

      I use Zoomtext 9.19 with Windows 7 64 bits.

      I remark that the first two or three times I accounted this warning message
      in my screen, I was in a hurry and did not check box “Don’t inform me
      again.” So I was shown this dialog box sometimes before I disabled it.
      Despites it did not cause bugs or instability in my computer.

      Your friend’s report sounds really strange.

      By the way, I have not tested Zoomtext 10 in my computer yet. Do you folks
      have a opinion about how it performs in comparison with Zoomtext 9.19? I
      don’t mean about new features. My question is: did you find Zoomtext 10
      faster or more stable than Zoomtext 9.1?



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      Subject: [magnifiers] ZoomText 9.1 locked out...

      Hello, All!

      My friend told me that she visited my other friend who is low vision, a low
      vision friend experienced a computer problem. My sighted friend came over to
      help her. Found out that ZoomText might be causing Windows 7 to be in "Safe
      Mode" after it keeps popping up requesting her to upgrade from ZoomText 9.1
      to 10. A sighted friend told her needs to upgrade to ZoomText 10. I myself
      use ZoomText 9.19 on both laptop & desktop. Windows XP & 7. No lockouts for
      both platoforms. So, I tried to click "Don't inform me..." and it worked
      fine so, no more bugging me. I think that my l/w friend didn't click on
      "Don't inform me again..." Oh well. Unfortunately, my copy of ZoomText is a
      state-funded copy. I consulted with my Deaf-Blind Unit supervisor and am
      waiting for them to approve a fund for me to receive ZoomText 10 copy later.
      During this time, they're quite busy with a severe Budget Cuts for FY'13, I

      Anyone of you experience with ZoomText "Lockout" from running ZoomText 9.1
      after the first pop-up message informed you of "ZoomText 10 is available!"?

      Thank you.

      Johnny :)

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