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  • Barbara Milleville
    May 3, 2011
      Hi All,

      In two weeks, I have to use Adobe Connect to participate in virtual
      meetings. An Adobe rep said it's not compatible with Zoom Text but I didn't
      get the impression he knows anything about Zoom Text. So now, I'm arranging
      a pre-meeting test to see if Connect works for me. But in the meantime, has
      anyone had a close encounter with this software? If so, how does it get
      along with Zoom Text and what, if any, are the problems I can look forward

      On another topic, as you may recall, I asked the list serv last summer if QM
      for Windows quant decision making software worked with ZT. I'm happy to
      report that it does. That was a relief. I used it with the just magnifier
      part of ZT though so I can't comment on the speech part.



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