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5095Re: [magnifiers] Problem with FireFox and ZoomText at work only

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  • Bas Cancrinus
    Oct 1, 2010
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      Oh no, that problem again!
      I know exactly what you mean. The problem with Firefox is that once you
      press that Alt key the File menu item activates. That event is passed to
      ZoomText which starts to track the File menu. The problem is Firefox, not
      ZoomText. Firefox should only activate the File menu item after you release
      the Alt key from a single key press, just like any other application.

      Can you file a bug at mozilla.org?


      On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 3:32 AM, John Cunniff <johncunniff@...> wrote:

      > Hello, Everybody,
      > I want to share with you about my recent upgrade (automatic) from ZoomText
      > 9.18.3 to at work. I use FireFox both at home & work. At home, I
      > use ZoomText from my agency that ordered for me. Anyway, at
      > home,
      > when I use ALT + [increase/decrease] for example, ALT + GREY - for
      > decreasing magnification or ALT <left arrow> to move magnification
      > leftward.
      > It is no problem with my FireFox & ZoomText. Like if I want to write a
      > message to a low vision without ZoomText or a screen magnification, I
      > changed a font to a larger font, I can use ALT+(GREY -) -- ohhhh, I meant
      > number pad, excuse me. I am tired plus sweating because of weird weather
      > like an Indian Summer, haha. Well, anyway, that is ALT+NUMBERPAD+- that
      > will
      > decrease magnification. Then, the magnification STAYS where it is
      > positioned. Great. My home PC recently installed FireFox 3.6.3 or 3.6.5
      > after my Hard Disk replacement. But, the problem from my work, I use
      > upgraded version from FireFox 3.5.5 (I think) but auto-updated to 3.6.6 or
      > so... My work's computer also uses recent newly updated ZoomText
      > If I use FireFox, I hit ALT+NUMBERPAD+(+/-) or <arrow keys) then, the
      > magnification will jump to the top/left side of the window, I would see
      > "File" highlighted.I REALLY hate it!!! My home computer is NO PROBLEM. I
      > found it VERY strange.
      > I tried contacting Ai Squared Tech Support from work's e-mail,
      > unfortunately, the person did not understand me. I am so shocked. But, I
      > like for you to share your experience with FireFox & ZoomText
      > Now, I LOVE new ZoomText. It is cool. But, all the features are too
      > confusing & complicated compared of ZT 7.1!!! LOL.
      > ZoomText 9.18 works great on FireFox & IE for accessing my reading ability
      > like typing what I see!!! Cool.
      > Thank you very much.
      > Johnny :)
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      Bas Cancrinus
      Mobile: +31 (0)6 50 24 57 56

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