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  • Karey Carbaugh
    Aug 18, 2009
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      Hello Zuri,
      Wow, what a story you have!  I'm sorry to hear of your fate, but there is a lot of hope and help out there.  Loy gives some great suggestions on sites with information about screen magnifiers and screen readers.  You might also want to check out the American Printing House for the Blind.  Their website is www.aph.org.  They have a font (called aphont) which has been tested and proven to be a better font for low vision individuals to use on the computer.  It is a free download, though not too many sites use it yet.  You can test it on their website to see if it is a better option for you.  They also have canes available and other adaptive devices.  Where are you located?  Some of these services may not be available, or may be very costly for shipping outside of the U.S.
      I'm not sure exactly what the cause of your blindness is, whether it is a burned retina or just exactly what, but there are support groups out there that may be able to help you answer some of these questions that are a bit outside of the topic of this forum.  I'm also looking into a procedure myself, which is experimental, but I don't know if it could be an option for you or not.  I'd be glad to share any other information that I can if you want to e-mail me directly, outside the group.

      Thank you,
      Have a Great Day!

      Karey Carbaugh

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      Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 1:27 PM


      Here is a few link that might give you some information. God Bless
      Free magnifier
      http://www.magnifie rs.org/Zoomtext magnifier
      www.aisquared. com
      Screen readers
      Window Eyes
      www.GwMicro. com
      JAWS and Magic
      www.freedomscientif ic.com
      NVDA, free screen reader
      http://www.nvda- project.org/
      information for blind and vision impaired
      http://www.blind- computing. com/

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      From: "zuriunicorn" <zuriunicorn@ yahoo.com>
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      Subject: [magnifiers] newly blind

      Great day to u all,
      I am Zuri,I need all the assists
      anyone can give to me.
      I have some central viaion,very foggy like.
      I have been searching for sites for blind or
      visually impaired people in order to help myself
      find out as much as I can to live with my new
      I got acid thrown into my face and it burned my eyes.
      I really just wanted to give th jest of my situation.
      I have been back home for a month now out of a burn center.
      What I have done today is read your mails.I like them so I joined.
      Is there other sites too.
      What is the best magnifiers out here?
      I am using the accesibility that came with my computer.
      It sounds like zoomtext if not so good,that 9 vers
      everyone is mailing about.I have nothing,I no mothing.
      I am trying to deal with this blindness.I am a strong girl
      but,it si hard to find blind related websites,I been
      trying all morning.Is facebook,myspace, ect the ticket?
      Mr.Peter I like your posts,and still reading for info
      gathering.So much to learn about in order to get the aides
      that I need to live a productive life and get back to my
      schooling.I need to find that doors thing too.
      Ewhere do I get a cane,until I go into rehap?
      I am sorry if this list is not for some of the things
      that I am asking.If I do not try to find out so how,I weel
      stay in the help me zone.I know you nice peoplw
      well assist me in starting my new blindness life independence
      lifestyle or direct me to others as well.

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      The Screen Magnifiers Homepage
      http://www.magnifie rs.org
      Make It Visible!

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