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  • John Cunniff
    Jul 3, 2009
      Hello, Bruce and all!

      Yes, yes, I agree with you 100%!!! Smile. I do not like IE 7 or 8 at
      all. But I go to FireFox 3.0 to 3.5 (home computer uses 3.0.11 and
      laptop uses 3.5 -- recently updaged due of corrupted copy of FireFox 3.0
      on laptop so, got 3.5 as a new copy). I found it works the BEST with
      ZoomText 8.1 for a friend!!!

      But, the problem with ZoomText 8.1, I was going to ask, but I,
      unfortunatelyy, had been very busy most of these days, got a LOT of
      posts from a differrent mailing lists, I had no time to catch up due of
      too many things to do for me. Anyway, I found a problem with ZoomText,
      whenever I hit ALT-numberpad minus and then, ZoomText looks at "File"
      menu. I moved ZoomText w/ a mouse or ALT-arrow-key and then, use
      ALT-numberpad-plus sign then, ZoomText looks back at "File" menu!!!

      That is REALLY, REALLY strange. I have no problem with other
      application, like AIM 5.9 (my friend uses that version--not mine.) The
      problem is found after I updated to FireFox 3.5!

      Does anuyone uses ZoomText with FireFox 3.5?

      Johnny :)

      John Cunniff
      Deaf-Blind Contact Center
      Videophone: 866-350-7482
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