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4670Re: [magnifiers] AT and custom settings

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  • Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis
    Jun 8, 2008
      Julie Schiller wrote:
      > The BBC is striving to create usable and accessible products to share
      > its programmes and content with everyone. In an effort to bring new
      > technologies to our sites and ensure a pleasant user experience we're
      > considering introducing microformats.

      For those who don't know, microformats are (roughly speaking) a way of
      annotating the code of webpages so that machine processors (such as web
      browsers, browser add-ons, search engines, potentially assistive
      technology) can extract the data on them.

      For example, a webpage might have a client's contact details on it.
      There's a microformat called hCard which the developer of the webpage
      could use to annotate those contact details so that (for example) a
      browser addon could allow you to drag and drop the contact details onto
      your address book.

      See http://microformats.org/ for more information.

      You can read more about the BBC's specific efforts and some of their
      concerns here:


      Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis
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