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4632Re: [magnifiers] ZoomText and Vista

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  • Haverp@aol.com
    Mar 3 9:17 AM
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      _tommorgan85@..._ (mailto:tommorgan85@...) writes:

      U can still get a dell with xp, and any small computer shop will have XP and
      also sell computers at a much more cheaply than the large shops.

      This is true, I looked into this when considering my purchase largely
      because of your recommendaton, but you'll spend a lot more money, all the factiory
      pre-built computer packages come with Vista Home Premium. Is it worth
      spending another 500-600 bucks to get the same machine with XP? I think I made
      the right choice for my needs and budget constraints.

      Vista works fine. I've have not have one single stability issue yet. The
      only disadvatage is that zoomtext 7 in windows 98 tracked new windows and
      dialog boxes better. Sometimes boxes open up outside of the magnified view.
      There's probabl some way to set up and audio cue, but I have looked into it yet.

      One great advatage of Vista, I don't know if this is in XP or not, is that I
      can set up an account for my wife that opens up with settings that suit her.
      She is not visually impaired and does not need the contrast and
      magnification settings that I use.


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