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4630Re: [magnifiers] ZoomText and Vista

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  • Thomas Morgan
    Mar 2, 2008
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      I have both Vista and XP and i have to say vista works quite well with zoomtext 9.1. But windows XP is a much better operating system, its faster on all computers, much more stable and zoomtext works flawlessly on XP. Havery u should upgrade your vista setup to windows XP. After a windows 98 setup im sure vista feels great, but its nowhere near as stable as XP.

      Just because vista is new doesn't make it a better operating system. The extra features that vista has have are all but been disabled by zoomtext, including the aero interface the added mulit threaded support is somewhat killed off by zoomtext as well because of its high processor usage.

      U can still get a dell with xp, and any small computer shop will have XP and also sell computers at a much more cheaply than the large shops.

      Good luck :)

      Haverp@... wrote: I recently purchased a new computer with windows Vista on it, upgrading from
      my windows 98 computer with zoomtext 7 on it. You have to upgrade to
      zoomtext 9.1, but it operates fine on Vista. Overall I think Vista works very well
      for me. Sometimes Zoomtext doesn't track to windows and dialog boxes which
      open automatically and sometimes it does, sometiems it reds the contents of a
      dialog box and sometimes it doesn't, but it is stable, Vista works well,
      once you get used to it it is very easy. A few hot keys are different, which
      makes going back and forth from my windows 98 machine to my vista machine a
      little confusing when I tend to use the wrong hot key combos.


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