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4607RE: [magnifiers] Change Text Cursor, Highlighting in Office XP, ..

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  • Griffiths, Steve
    Feb 13, 2008

      Can't help with points 1 or 2 I'm afraid, but you can change the wavy
      underline colours for spelling errors in Word from the Support.dot
      template, which is not loaded by default. See
      http://support.microsoft.com/kb/820916 for how to install it.

      This gives you the options of changing the following:
      SpellingWavyUnderlineColor for spelling errors
      GrammarWavyUnderlineColor for grammatical errors
      SmartTagUnderlineColor for smart tags marked in the text
      FormatConsistencyWavyUnderlineColor to designate inconsistent document

      Mouse users can then click the Choose Color button to get a palette of
      colours from which to select. This palette is navigable with the
      keyboard, but a screen reader will not announce the colours selected.

      Word will need to be restarted before the colour changes take effect.

      I'm not aware of a way to revert to the default settings, so here they
      are if you need them:
      Spelling wavy underline colour - 16711680
      Grammar wavy underline colour - 32768
      Smart tag underline colour - 12976326
      Format consistency wavy underline colour - 255

      As for point 4, I believe the sound you get when pressing the CapsLock
      key is controlled by the BIOS. I can't recall exactly where, but I've
      been on some PCs where there is a volume control for system beeps. The
      target circles you get when you press the Ctrl key are controlled
      through the mouse driver, so you should be able to get to them through
      the Control Panel.


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      Subject: [magnifiers] Change Text Cursor, Highligthning in Office XP, ..

      Hi all!
      I am new to the list and really looking forward to keep on learning
      about all kinds of magnifiers problems and solutions.

      I am teaching people with visually impairment on the PC in Austria.

      Therefore I am trying to find solutions for the following problems:
      1) Text Cursor:
      One of the most common problems when using any kind of word processor
      is how to locate the caret?
      I know that some commercial magnifiers provide functions to change the
      appearance of the mouse and the caret. But there are many people who
      either cannot afford an expensive magnifier or where it even does not
      make sense.
      Are there any ways to change the caret in MS Word (2000, XP, 2003,

      BTW: My Tip to locate the caret is to simply highlight the line

      There is one nice program, which works in some cases quite fine and
      this is Mouse and caret Buddy. http://www.ahf-net.com/Mcbuddy.htm

      2) I think it is Office XP where for the highlighting not the standard
      Windows color is chosen. This causes a very bad contrast. Especially
      in Excel where a "transparent" color is used color settings are
      Any solutions for that?

      3) Underline at spelling mistakes.
      Is there a way to change the underline Color/Style when making a
      spelling mistake?

      4) Accessibility Tools for MS 2000
      One of my clients has the challenging settings of using a Virtual
      Windows 2000 Prof. Environment for working.
      Are there any possibilities to add some features which are available
      in Win XP like:
      *) Sound when pressing the Caps Lock key,
      *) Showing the target Circles when pressing CTRL, ...

      Thanks for your help in advance!

      The Screen Magnifiers Homepage
      Make It Visible!

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