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  • Shawn Warren
    Nov 30, 2007
      You may find information here useful


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      There are a number of "portable" CCTV units. Some more portable than
      others, and some are better at seeing at a distance than others.

      Some are specifically designed for the camera to rotate and enable
      significant zooming in on information at a distance, and many can also
      enable you to capture still images of information on a blackboard -
      generally through doing a "screen shot" of your laptops display.

      Other models to look at (and I'm sure there are more that I hope people
      will add ) are:

      Clarity - PCmate model - www.clarityusa.com
      Enhanced Vision Systems - "flipper" model - www.enhancedvision.com
      Optelec - Clearnote portable video magnifier - www.optelec.com
      Ash Technologies - ask about their distance camera. It may be only
      available as an add on to one of the other CCTV's - www.ashtech.ie
      Sight Enhancement Systems - WAT Cam -

      Hope this helps to give you a broader range of the possibilities!


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      From: Merv Keck
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      Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2007 12:29 AM
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      Freedom Scientific has the Onyx Camera which hooks into a desktop or
      or a television. It comes in a variety of flavors depending on your
      and budget. I just bought the the onyx flex arm which comes with Magic
      (I got the version with speech and magnification), and I use it for
      everything from reading subtitles on the television, writing checks,
      books and magazines, zooming in on people and projects several feet
      like my sixteen channel Alesis Mexmeister pro audio mixer and lots
      more. It
      breaks down and goes into a padded case with a handle about the size
      of a
      laptop case. When connected to the laptop via USB you can split the
      or view it full screen, freeze the screen, and some other cool stuff.
      I had
      two retina detachments this year and now have capsular fog which so
      cannot be cleared up with a yag so it's been a valuable tool for me.

      For more info check out www.freedomscientific.com and if you decide
      you are
      interested in talking to someone there email me at
      dj.countrybumpkin@... and I can give you the name and
      extension of
      the guy who helped me. He's very good. I don't know him and I'm not a
      salesman for the company. I just know I really like this product.


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