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4530Re: [magnifiers] Zoomtext and vista

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  • Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues DiĆ³genes
    Sep 15, 2007

      2007/9/15, Thomas Morgan <tommorgan85@...>:
      > What is the Linux adaptive tech like? Do they have a good screen magnifier? Id prolly swap over too linux myself if i knew of a good screen magnifier...

      I contribute with the development of gnome-mag, a screen magnifier
      used in the GNOME desktop.

      Today, to get the magnifier with all it's features you will need to do
      some compilation, but if you are patient you can wait the Ubuntu 7.10
      release. It will come with the latest release of GNOME. In this
      release the magnifier have a good support for the following:

      * Full-screen and split screen modes (freely configurable throw Orca -
      a screen reader)
      * Up to 10x of magnification
      * Invert colour screen filter
      * Contrast and brightness manipulation
      * Image filters for colour-blind people

      Although the magnifier can be used in stand-alone mode it's preferable
      that it be used with Orca, since the last is the application that
      offer the configuration screen for the magnifier.

      Hope this help.

      Best regards,
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