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4357spectacle mounted mangifiers

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  • nalajoyce
    Feb 2, 2007
      Greetings, Kathy and Kacey. Thanks for the info. and the right
      name ,bioptics. My original enquiry should have identified my search
      for spectacles with 7 to 8X wide view magnifying power at distanxces
      less than 10 feet. Beyon 10 feet I am very happy with Beecher 7X
      spectable binoculars which let me view a 24 inch TV screen cmpletly,
      without panning, at their minimum focus distance of ten feet. The
      eyepiece view is large and brilliant. I have had the opportunity to
      try Ocutech's VES-K at 6X power but was disappointed with narrow angle
      of view below ten feet. I could only see 25% of the aforementioned TV.
      They do, however,focus down to a few inches. The small imqage slot
      is never bright, unfortunately. I appreciate your recommendation to
      consult with a low vision expert andwill doe this when I am near one.
      Cheers, Naa
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