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4153Zoomtext 9 or Magic 10

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  • tommorgan85
    Oct 3, 2006
      Hi i have been a zoomtext guy for around 10 years, but i have never
      used Magic. I was wondering if anyone has used both and can say which
      is better for Manification. I dont use speech so that isn't a
      consideration for me.

      What i want is to have the most clear image of text and graphics that
      runs very smoothly and isn't to much of a hog on the system resources,
      i'm not to fussed about special features. Aslong as it can invert the
      brightness and can zoom in to around 8x then im happy.
      Currently i am using ZT 9, and i love the new Xfont feature it has, it
      makes text very easy to see. But it feels more sluggish than ZT 8 and
      doesn't pan across the screen as smoothly which gives me headaches
      after a while.

      I am upgrading my computer soon to the new Core2duo so i am hoping
      that the feel of the program can be improved with the greater
      performance, but since i am using a P4 2.8Gh system now and well above
      the min requirments then im not sure that it will make any difference
      in ZT's performance.
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