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3949Re: [magnifiers] Magnifier with horizontal screen scrolling...

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  • Emilia Belserene
    Feb 10, 2006
      At 12:14 PM 2/10/2006 -0600, Paul wrote:
      >DocReader is meant to be used in conjunction with the speech. That's why
      >it's called DocReader, after all. :)
      Come off it, Paul! The first definition of "read" in the unabridged is "1
      a (1) : to look at or otherwise scan (as letters or other symbols
      representing words or sentences) with mental formulation of the words or
      sentences represented <reading books> <reading inscriptions>"
      What was it that we learned to do when we started elementary school?
      > You can follow along using any of
      >the Highlight options if you want.
      And they are all poor compared with the legacy versions of ZoomText Level
      1. Wasn't it called DocReader even though there was no speech involved?

      I was (silently) reading my favorite newspaper, no hands on the keyboard,
      just sitting back as the old DocReader's prompter mode scrolled the text
      silently upward (just like a TelePrompTer). Someone with normal vision
      caught sight of the screen and exclaimed "Oh, that's good!" Those folks in
      Vermont seem not to realize that they are leaving a gem out of their product.

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      >Make It Visible!
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