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3948Re: [magnifiers] Magnifier with horizontal screen scrolling...

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  • Paul
    Feb 10, 2006
      On Fri, 10 Feb 2006 10:07:34 -0800, Emilia Belserene
      <emiliab@...> wrote:

      >At 05:33 PM 2/9/2006 -0500, Bruce wrote:
      >>Of course, with DocReader you don't really need to read the text.
      >Some people really do. Have you forgotten the hearing impaired? Screen
      >magnification is for the visually impaired. Like ordinary magnifying
      >glasses it should not require the user to listen. "Read" does not just
      >mean to read aloud. Perhaps "DocReader" should be renamed
      >"DocFormatter." Then AiSquared would think to restore its formerly
      >excellent formatting capabilities.
      > - Emilia

      DocReader is meant to be used in conjunction with the speech. That's why
      it's called DocReader, after all. :) You can follow along using any of
      the Highlight options if you want.

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