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  • Emilia Belserene
    Feb 9, 2006
      Hello Audrey -

      I have learned to accept the fact that higher magnification always means a
      smaller field of view. This is true with hand-held magnifiers as well as
      with computers. I do have a good way to read text on computers. It might
      work for your wife's father.

      My solution is to use an old screen-magnification program. I have
      ZoomText version 7.11, the only old version that works under XP I use the
      DocReader feature in Prompter mode. It makes the text lines fit the screen
      by showing fewer words per line. You don't have to scroll from left to
      right. Best of all the text scrolls upward smoothly and automatically! It
      isn't hard to set the magnification and speed to fit your needs. Then just
      sit back and read text in comfort.

      Maybe it is still possible to get version 7 somewhere. The prompter mode
      of DocReader in the newer versions is somewhat useful but it does not
      scroll. I get tired when I have to use a computer running version 8.

      - Emilia
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      At 04:21 PM 2/8/2006 +0000, Audrey wrote:
      >Hi All.
      >I am new here.
      >I need help.
      >My wife father is a man with very low vision skills.
      >He does not want use glasses with computer. He says his eyes tire.
      >I try to use several software magnifiers, but all of them reduce
      >visible area of the screen.
      >A few years ago I had video card (I do not remember which). And its
      >driver could enlarge screen to virtual screen up to 4 times. I could
      >scroll screen vertically and horizontally.
      >I think if there is the same magnifier, it will be useful for my wife
      >Could anybody help me?
      >Thank you
      >ICQ 15741111
      >The Screen Magnifiers Homepage
      >Make It Visible!
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