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  • Ed Aziz
    Feb 8, 2006
      Hi Andrey
      I have not seen that one, but I get somewqhat that affecxt by using dsual monitors with W@in XP
      magnifier up to 10X on the second screen, I have macular d3egeneration in both eyes and this works quite well for me.

      Andrey <andrey.kuzmin@...> wrote: Hi All.
      I am new here.
      I need help.
      My wife father is a man with very low vision skills.
      He does not want use glasses with computer. He says his eyes tire.
      I try to use several software magnifiers, but all of them reduce
      visible area of the screen.
      A few years ago I had video card (I do not remember which). And its
      driver could enlarge screen to virtual screen up to 4 times. I could
      scroll screen vertically and horizontally.
      I think if there is the same magnifier, it will be useful for my wife
      Could anybody help me?

      Thank you
      ICQ 15741111

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