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382Talking Pager

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  • Sherry Wells/Chicago/IBM
    Nov 3 10:19 AM
      I received the attached message about a new talking pager. I have not
      tried this so cannot vouch for it. This is a different pager than one
      noted in a previous post; that was from Independent Living aids.

      Excuse the duplicate posts; I am sending this to several lists.

      Sherry Wells

      CPR Technology is offering a talking numeric pager that
      displays the number and has both vibration and audio alert tones. The pager
      can repeat any message stored in its memory, read the message number and
      received, has a built-in talking clock and many other features. Users must
      paging services for the device to be operational. For more information
      about this device, contact CPR Technology at: (877) 277-5237;
      website: www.talkingpager.com;
      or by mail at: 640 Dean St., Brooklyn,NY 11238