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3813Re: [magnifiers] Microsoft and accessibility

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  • C.L.M. Toxopeus
    Dec 2, 2005
      Hello Peter,

      To solve the drawing problem with Java, so you can use
      Java applications also in magnified mode, you have to
      make a file called accessibilty.properties which
      contains the text "screen_magnifier_present=true".
      This makes sure that the screen magnification works
      with Java. Using the Java Access Bridge makes this
      file automatically. I think this property should also
      work with inferior screen magnifiers, like Supernova,
      which do not track Java well.

      Best regards,

      Kees Toxopeus

      --- Chris O'Donnell <csodonnell@...> wrote:

      > Hi Peter,
      > About Direct draw, I think the future of DirectX
      > should improve quite
      > nicely. At least for the new OS, Windows Vista.
      > One good thing about
      > this OS is that the entire OS uses DirectX and
      > Windows Vista hides all
      > of that behind their fancy WPM (Windows Presentation
      > Manager)
      > technology. What that really means is standard
      > application developers
      > can gain the benefits of DirectDraw without having
      > to muck with the
      > internals and app cooperation which doesn't really
      > exist today. In
      > short, it should be a lot easier to create
      > high-quality professional
      > magnifier apps which cooperate with all other apps
      > on the system.
      > My what a rosy picture, I wonder how the typical
      > win32 app will work
      > with the hypothetical Windows Vista Manifier of the
      > Future? Better
      > actually try this out soon...
      > So even if this does come to pass in the near
      > future, what does that
      > leave us with? A theoretically cheaper magnifier,
      > but a more
      > expensive OS with its stricter list of hardware
      > requirements? I'm not
      > entirely sure that this is really forward progress.
      > Have a nice Friday,
      > -Chris O
      > On 12/2/05, Peter Verhoeven <pverhoe@...>
      > wrote:
      > > I do not know what the future is of direct draw
      > techniques, but it is realy
      > > a danger for accessiblity of a lot of programs.
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