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3809Re: [magnifiers] Microsoft and accessibility

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  • Chris O'Donnell
    Dec 2, 2005
      Hi Peter,

      About Direct draw, I think the future of DirectX should improve quite
      nicely. At least for the new OS, Windows Vista. One good thing about
      this OS is that the entire OS uses DirectX and Windows Vista hides all
      of that behind their fancy WPM (Windows Presentation Manager)
      technology. What that really means is standard application developers
      can gain the benefits of DirectDraw without having to muck with the
      internals and app cooperation which doesn't really exist today. In
      short, it should be a lot easier to create high-quality professional
      magnifier apps which cooperate with all other apps on the system.

      My what a rosy picture, I wonder how the typical win32 app will work
      with the hypothetical Windows Vista Manifier of the Future? Better
      actually try this out soon...

      So even if this does come to pass in the near future, what does that
      leave us with? A theoretically cheaper magnifier, but a more
      expensive OS with its stricter list of hardware requirements? I'm not
      entirely sure that this is really forward progress.

      Have a nice Friday,
      -Chris O

      On 12/2/05, Peter Verhoeven <pverhoe@...> wrote:
      > I do not know what the future is of direct draw techniques, but it is realy
      > a danger for accessiblity of a lot of programs.
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