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3806Re: [magnifiers] Microsoft and accessibility

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  • Peter Verhoeven
    Dec 2, 2005
      Hi Chris,

      I avoid using Java applications. At the office we have a Java application
      for pre-order processing. Problems already starts to login. If I enter
      text,nothing seems to happen, until I turn magnification off. So, every
      action I do within that application is not magnified. I don't believe that
      company has ever heart about accessibility or Java Access Bridge, like most
      Java programmers never heard about.

      I also once tried Zoomtext with the example notepad applications that comes
      with the Java SDK, tracking seems to work the first time I tried that
      example applications, but after a couple of days, there was no tracking

      I do not know what the future is of direct draw techniques, but it is realy
      a danger for accessiblity of a lot of programs.

      BTW: I'm glad my company don't want Java applications anymore, because of
      the instability and high cost to maintain all those Java versions on end
      users computers.

      Regards Peter Verhoeven

      Regards Peter Verhoeven

      > I find that my little magnifier, Virtual Magnifying Glass, works fine
      > with Java apps, both new and old. I tried this using the "snapshot"
      > mode (default) and the beta dynamic mode which uses DirectX
      > (magnification with interactive desktop). Can you mention some of the
      > Java apps that the magnifiers have problems with? I
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