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  • Stephen Hughes
    Sep 1, 2005
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      My sentiments exactly Kathy, I think it's a cheek charging for betas. Without beta testers where would they be? And as for being that desperate for the technology, I know many companies are also working on PDA solutions and mobile solutions, I think Code Factory are so desperate to get their product to market first that they are releasing betas, rather thann waiting for development to finish and then go to market. I think I will wait and buy a fully tested solution, possibly from someone else.

      Kathy Williams <kseven@...> wrote:Well, they say they are selling Betas, but when you write to them they aren't answering, so it's hard to tell what they are doing. I used to beta test for Word Perfect. When Corel bought them they changed policy and required Beta Testers to return the beta software at the end of the test giving them nothing for their grouble. I stopped testing or them needless to say. Although the price is reduced, I still believe they've got a lot of nerve asking people to work for them to perfect a product in this way. I guess wwe are supposed to be so desperate for access we'll pay anything and accept any conditions.

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