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3062Re: [magnifiers] New FREE screen magnifier from Issist

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  • Frank Siedlaczek
    Mar 1, 2005
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      > Hi,
      > What means the quote
      > > 1.5X to 16X magnification on supported sites, and upto 3X on
      > unsupported sites
      > > on your web site?

      As far as I understand it, Issist offers the service to enhance a website to
      make it more accessible to handicapped people. The iZoom utility would then
      check whether the site you are surfing at has already be enhanced by the
      company. Is so, the magnifier would do its job to up to 16x, else up to 2x.

      I downloaded and tried the magnifier on a 2.4gig, 412mb RAM system with
      winXP SP1a. The machine only has a on-board graphics card. With iZoom, the
      performance is not superb. A little sluggish... And they seem to have some
      difficulties with the mouse pointer enhancements. The pointer changes its
      color from time to time :-) But hey, it's still beta and if they continue to
      give it away for free we finally have an alternative for either the windows
      accessiblity tools or for fuly-blown magnifiers such as zoomtext. It
      certainly has some glitches at the moment, like original screen
      bleed-throughs, e.g. when opening combo boxes or context menus. But I can
      live with that...

      I am a software developer and I will almost certainly use iZoom to magnify a
      few systems' output. I cannot install Zoomtext on these systems cause of
      license restrictions. And I always have the impression that ZT tends to
      change the system internals quite a bit. I don't like that very much. I
      rather prefer a system which is almost perfectly still just an XP system.
      That's better for software testing and so on. IZoom doesn't even demand a
      system reboot after installation. Maybe it can even be run from a CD...
      Don't know.

      So, for all of you who are struggling to get a low-cost or free magnifier,
      iZoom certainly is an alternative you should really try! It's not perfect at
      the moment, but it's definitely worth trying!!! And, yes, it really has the
      "full view mode", something I cannot live without.

      Best regards

      P.S: I didn't try its speech functionality

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