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2777Re: [magnifiers] Pocket Viewer

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  • Kathy Seven Williams
    Oct 2, 2004
      As I said, the pocket CCTV that Freedom Scientific is selling is a color
      version with some contrast adjustment as well. This is the one that took
      the place of the Pocket Viewer for the salesman I bought my demo unit from.
      In my personal opinion it wasn't better, which is why I bought the Pocket
      Viewer. It has color. I don't see color. Many people with central vision
      loss don't see color. It was also a bit larger I think, and has this little
      tilting piece at the camera which lets you turn the camera on, and also
      raise it up to do a bit of signing or highlighting under the camera. I
      found I ran out of hands with both units, but I liked how the Pocket Viewer
      worked better. As with everything else in access technology, it's totally
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