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2635Image bleed-thorughs, GDI vs. GDI+

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  • Frank Siedlaczek
    Jun 2, 2004
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      I am trying to use ZT 7.11 on a WinXP system (SP1 + 17 hotfixes). In some
      applications, when dealing with rather large images, these images are
      paitned onto the screen directly bypassing the ZT magnifying mechanism.
      I found an explanation for this in the AI*AI knowledge base. The problem is
      a new technique calles GDI+ to paint large images faster than ever... They
      recommend to install the latest service pack for windows. But I already did
      this when setting up the system. If I work with rather small images, no
      bleed-thorugh can be observed.

      I make a full screen screenshot and past it into irfanview. (latest edition)
      The programm resizes its window to full-screen to fit the image into its
      window. Images taht large are painted directly onto the screen (unmagnified,
      no color tereatment). When I make a screenshot of say just a small dialog
      box and paste that into irfanview, the program appenrently does not use GDI+
      but GDI or something similar. In this case, the screen is okay, everything
      is magnified and color treated as it should.

      There doesn't seem to be a way to disable GDI+ within windows in order to
      prevent each and every program from using it in the first place. Or do you
      know a way to do that? I tried disabling or lowering hardware acceleration,
      but this only leads ZT to not being able to track the mouse any longer.
      Menus are still tracked... Awesome.

      The same image bleed-through occurs in Word2000 or actually any app that
      uses images taht have to be painted/repainted.

      Have you got any suggestions for me?

      Thank you very much in advance!


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