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2439windows magnifier - removing grey block after resizing

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  • Justin R
    Apr 28, 2004
      Hi everyone,

      Today I had a look at magnifier and tried out the moving and resizing of the
      thing. well, that works fine however, I've hit on a snag! after I've
      resized the magnifier, you get this grey box whereever the magnigier is
      positioned. it's still easy to move the magnifier around the whole screen
      and see things however, where ever the grey box is, it gets right in the way
      of whatever programme you've got open.

      I can't minimize it as, it only has a close botton (pressing this closes
      magnifier) and I can't bring any application infront of the grey box. it
      seems that a portion of the screen is not accessible while this resize box
      is still there.

      Anyone know how this can be got rid of after resizing the magnifier but,
      without closing down magnifier?

      I'll need this after my pc upgrade while putting on hardware before I
      install my upgrade copy of ZT.

      thanks for any help in advance.

      All the best,

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