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2194A big fix in ZoomText 8

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  • Rob Stemple
    Dec 1, 2003
      Good morning, all. Our agency Zoom Text expert asked me to pass this
      message along. I hope it helps limit the frustration of adaptive software
      for a few folks! Happy Holidays!


      Robin Stemple, Executive Director
      Somerset County Blind Center

      748 S. Center Ave.
      Somerset, PA 15501

      814-445-1310 Fax: 814-444-1385 Toll-Free: 877-368-9475
      web Site: www.somersetblind.org

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      From: Cory Blocher [mailto:scbc@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 12:51 PM
      To: 'Cory Blocher'
      Subject: A big fix in ZoomText 8

      Hello Everyone

      I don't do this often but I wanted everyone affiliated with the blind center
      to know about this.

      I am using ZoomText 8 with the latest updates and I found a bug in the
      program. Basically the program will not track black text all the time and
      sometimes it will not track it at all. After some time I found the fix on
      my own that is to change all text in windows to a color other than black.
      Now everything works like a charm.

      I do apologize if this is useless information, but I wanted everyone to know
      about this issue because I am sure that most of the people in my blind
      center address book know someone who uses ZoomText. I've emailed AiSquared
      in hopes that they will fix this bug but it has been my experience that when
      you find something they are unwilling or unable to correct they will not get
      back to you.

      Thanks for humoring me.

      Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

      Have a good day;

      Cory Blocher
      "A Servant of The LORD Jesus Christ"
      Computer Coordinator / Webmaster

      Somerset County Blind Center Inc.
      748 South Center Avenue
      Somerset, PA 15501
      Phone: (814) 445-1310
      Fax: (814) 444-1385
      Email: cory@...
      Website: www.somersetblind.org

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