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2167Re: [magnifiers] ZoomText 8.03 Released

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  • Emilia Belserene
    Nov 2 11:53 PM
      At 09:50 AM 9/26/03 -0400, Scott Moore wrote:
      ZoomText 8.03 Released

      I have been trying 8.03 (under Windows 98). I especially like ZoomText for
      the way it reformats lines in its teleprompter mode. Version 7 needed some
      improvement and I looked forward to version 8. Some things are better but
      more are worse.
      My comments about 8.03 Magnifier without speech:
      *Edge smoothing is excellent
      *AppReader can find its way around columns on web pages in Internet Explorer.
      *DocReader can sometimes recognize columns.
      *Doc reader has a cleaner screen than it had in version 7.
      *This new DocReader is useless except in Microsoft products.
      *Lines in teleprompter jump upward instead of scrolling.
      *Lines in AppReader not only jump up. They also jump left and right.
      *AppReader can not be reached from the Magnifier, only from the more
      expensive Reader.
      *DocReader has lost several of the options it had in version 7.
      *The DocReader options are on the Reader tab in the trial version. Where
      will they be in the product that does not include Reader?
      I will appreciate comments from Scott about these problems. Will
      they be addressed in future updates?
      Also comments from other people who, like me, use DocReader
      without speech. How do you use 8.03 or do you find the features you want
      in a different product?

      Thanks for any comments.
      - Emilia

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