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2140Re: [magnifiers] ZoomText 8.03 Released

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  • Frank Siedlaczek
    Oct 2, 2003
      Nick Donaldson wrote:

      >I was having a problem with 8.02 and the X-Window emulator software I
      >use to connect to Unix. The problem essentially was a screen flashing
      >that would take place whenever any of teh unix windows I was in had to
      >do a major refresh. The blinking could go on fo rminutes. so far, it
      >hasn't happened yet. I'll write more if it comes back.
      I am using the Hummingbird XServer-Emulation - or rather, I don't use
      it, because there are too many problems with that program with ZT. I am
      running winNT 4.0 sp 5 and ZT 7.05. So far I have to use telnet to
      connect to our unix machines but this is only half the fun and
      effeciency one could get out of unix.

      Which XServer program are you using?

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