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1940Re: [magnifiers] How? Move Popup from below to top of the pointer?

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  • Frank Siedlaczek
    May 4, 2003
      Leslie P Peterson wrote:

      >It is diffeuclt for me to read the popup below or under the pointer
      >because the message is out of the screen. I have no way to read it when I
      >move the pointerer off the area.
      >How could I move it to top of the pointer. Or how to freeze it as I could
      >move zoome to read then ESC?
      The only thing that really worked is, to make a snapshot of the screen
      and paste that into - say photoed (shipped with office 97).

      The first thing though is, that I try to position the toolbar icon as
      far left on the view port as possible. then I move the mouse onto it.
      The info label appears. If I am lucky, the label's text is not too wide
      that it would go over the right border of the view port.

      But the snapshot thing works... Tedious, if you want to read many labels...

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