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1686Re: [magnifiers] colors

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  • Bas Cancrinus
    Dec 2, 2002
      cremsonsky@... wrote:

      > wow, maybe you should use JAWS then. But I use ZoomText 7.11 on a 21 inch
      > monitor, I use it at 4x magnification. But I know what the problem is
      > with
      > acrobat reader. I once had that on my computer, and it looks blurry
      > when you
      > try to read a PDF file right? Well this is what you do when you go

      PDF files look blurry in Acrobat when ZX is active, because the
      anti-alias algorithm of Acrobat disturbs the smooth edge algorithm of
      ZX. To sharpen your view, disable the Edge Smoothing feature of ZX when
      you view files with Acrobat.

      Kind regards,

      Bas Cancrinus -> bas@...
      Software Architect
      Cipherware Ltd. -> http://www.cipherware.com
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