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1678Re: [magnifiers] colors

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  • Frank Siedlaczek
    Dec 2, 2002
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      > Ok, when I got the information on the email or on the
      > webpage with Acrobat, or PDF.

      Hi Leslie,

      tell me more details if I got you wrong... you can't read fancy-coloured pdf
      files and web-pages quite well?

      I have a suggestion which I use quite often for reformatting / color removal
      / paper saving purposes: I take web pages, pdf files, documents whatever and
      print them to a virtual printer. This printer asks me for a filename and
      then saves everything I have sent to it in a pdf file. Like this I can tell the
      system to put more than one page onto a sheet/pdf page. Or I can configure
      the printer to work in black&white mode to remove the colors.

      I pretty much like this pdf mehtod 'cause like that I can create
      self-contained soft-copies from webpages. I set my browser to remove text and background
      colors, to use print sizes no smaller than x pixels and so on.

      If you'd like to know more about this, contact me.
      Drop me a CC: to my private email too, 'cause I don't often read this

      BTW: This "anything-to-pdf"-solution is carried out using freely available
      (no-cost) software.


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