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146Re: [magnifiers] Finding Cursor

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  • E.
    Apr 3, 2000
      Wondering why all these emails for magnifiers is on the PXE list.
      I realize that there are people with visual problems, as I am one of them,
      however I thought the PXE list was for PXE and not software.
      ~~~~~~~~have a pleasant day, Eve

      Bert Ebbe wrote:

      > Hello Greg at Haverp@...,
      > About your problem, finding the caret (text cursor) on the screen.
      > Moving the caret with the ARROW keys is indeed a possibility, but try to
      > press SHIFT at the same time. So: press and hold down the SHIFT key and
      > then press the RIGHT ARROW key a couple of times. Doing so, you select a
      > word or a part of a word. Probably you have less trouble finding this
      > selected block since it uses inverted colors. Once having found it, release
      > the SHIFT key and press LEFT ARROW once. The selected block disappears and
      > the caret will be in front of the block. When you press RIGHT ARROW once
      > instead, the caret will be at the end of the block. When you prefer a large
      > block try SHIFT+END.
      > One more remark on this: Are you aware of the cursor enhancement feature of
      > ZoomText? Look in: Options, Display..., tab 'Cursors'. Select Enable cursor
      > enhancements and also select Caret Locator. In your magnified Word screen
      > you will get a blinking square around the caret position. I hope one of
      > these suggestions will help.
      > Bert Ebbe
      > Het Loo Erf * Apeldoorn
      > The Netherlands
      > Bert.Ebbe@...
      > -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
      > Van: Haverp@... [SMTP:Haverp@...]
      > Verzonden: vrijdag 31 maart 2000 15:01
      > Aan: magnifiers@egroups.com
      > Onderwerp: [magnifiers] Finding Cursor
      > Hi,
      > I use Zoomtext 7.03.02 and Windows 98. I do a lot of writing and usually
      > use
      > Word 97. When editing a document I use Docreader to review my document,
      > exiting when I want to correct my work. My problem has been when I have a
      > large document with a small font I often have great difficulty finding the
      > cursor on exiting docreader. I know it is on the word I left it on in
      > Docreader, but I don't know where it is on the screen.
      > Is there any way to get zoomtext to help me find the cursor? It does a
      > good
      > job of following the mouse. I try moving the cursor a few characters with
      > the arrow keys, and find my cursor eventually but it is time consuming. If
      > I
      > increase magnification the zoom window stays centered on the mouse and the
      > cursor goes out of view.
      > Any suggestions?
      > Thanks,
      > Greg
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