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144RE: [magnifiers] Finding Cursor

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  • Bert Ebbe
    Apr 3, 2000
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      Hello Greg at Haverp@...,

      About your problem, finding the caret (text cursor) on the screen.
      Moving the caret with the ARROW keys is indeed a possibility, but try to
      press SHIFT at the same time. So: press and hold down the SHIFT key and
      then press the RIGHT ARROW key a couple of times. Doing so, you select a
      word or a part of a word. Probably you have less trouble finding this
      selected block since it uses inverted colors. Once having found it, release
      the SHIFT key and press LEFT ARROW once. The selected block disappears and
      the caret will be in front of the block. When you press RIGHT ARROW once
      instead, the caret will be at the end of the block. When you prefer a large
      block try SHIFT+END.
      One more remark on this: Are you aware of the cursor enhancement feature of
      ZoomText? Look in: Options, Display..., tab 'Cursors'. Select Enable cursor
      enhancements and also select Caret Locator. In your magnified Word screen
      you will get a blinking square around the caret position. I hope one of
      these suggestions will help.

      Bert Ebbe
      Het Loo Erf * Apeldoorn
      The Netherlands

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      Onderwerp: [magnifiers] Finding Cursor


      I use Zoomtext 7.03.02 and Windows 98. I do a lot of writing and usually
      Word 97. When editing a document I use Docreader to review my document,
      exiting when I want to correct my work. My problem has been when I have a
      large document with a small font I often have great difficulty finding the
      cursor on exiting docreader. I know it is on the word I left it on in
      Docreader, but I don't know where it is on the screen.

      Is there any way to get zoomtext to help me find the cursor? It does a
      job of following the mouse. I try moving the cursor a few characters with
      the arrow keys, and find my cursor eventually but it is time consuming. If
      increase magnification the zoom window stays centered on the mouse and the
      cursor goes out of view.

      Any suggestions?


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