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1261RE: [magnifiers] Portable CCTV

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  • Kathy Seven Williams
    Jan 2, 2002
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      Any magnification device has a learning curve to allow your brain to get used to seeing in a magnified manner. Becuase it magnifies the motion as well as the things you are seeing, your body first feels something is very wrong, but it will become accustomed to the change in stimulus if you take the time to work at it and get used to it gradually. This is a lesson learned with CCTV's decades ago, and for those using such things as the bioptic lens mounted in their glasses or the contact lens telescopes. It is a matter of training the brain and the body to understand the images and signals and put them in line with the realities the body senses.

      For those who want to bother...start using any moving magnifying device only 5 minutes two or three times a day. Up the time to ten minutes as you can tollerate that motion/magnification. When you are comfortable with ten minutes in an hour and can move comfortably in relation to the devices magnification field, go to 15 minutes at a sitting and increase the tasksyou try with magnification. It takes time becuase you are retraining your brain and body to work together with this information. If you rush it, you'll likely be disappointed.

      Also, something people forget is to keep blinking. When you are trying hard to see, you tend to stare and hold your eyes open. This causes your eyes to dry out and they eye muscles to become very tired holding your eyes still in this orientation. Relax and blink. Blinking is nature's way of washing your eyes and keeping them comfortable.

      "While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done." Helen Keller

      Kathy Seven Williams - I walk by Faith
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