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1216MAGic 8.0 Demo

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  • John Cunniff -- DeepSpace NetAdmin
    Dec 1, 2001
      Hello, everybody!

      Today, I downloaded MAGic 8.0 Demo version to evaluate a copy of MAGic
      to see if it is a good one for my girlfriend who is a LP-Windows user.
      Well, I downloaded this then, ran an IntallShield program. I used an
      automatic installation then, rebooted as it is recommended. I waited for
      my Windows ME to finish re-loading programs. After that is done, I
      double-click an icon that has a white background with a black letter of
      "M". I tried to double-click, unfortunately, I see no magnifications run
      so, I tried double-click again,but still not working! I tried to read
      README.TXT to see what is going on? It does not say what happens if I
      try to run MAGic 8.0 but nothing comes up. It is weird that it did
      nothing when I double-click on "M" icon!!! What is going on with it? Did
      I install something incorrectly? I wonder about that. Thank you!!!


      John Cunniff
      Network Administrator

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