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1017Service accessibility products?

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  • Peter Verhoeven
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Dear list members,

      Most of us use all kinds of products to improve independent living and do
      our dayly job.
      Products like CCTV,s, braille displays and screen magnifiers are expensive
      and we are very dependend from these products and the way we get support.
      If a CCTV is defect you no longer can read your small mail, newspaper etc.
      If your braille display is defect or your screen magnifier does not work,
      you no longer can access your computer and maybe you no longer can do your
      dayly job.

      What kind of support is needed for these kind of products do you think? Can
      we accept to wait for a couple of weeks because a defect on a CCTV is
      solved? Can we accept that a support question is never be answered?

      What is your experience with support and service? How long did you wait
      before a problem was solved? How can we know, that a company gives good
      support and service and another bad?

      I have a CCTV from the Dutch company Tieman. The CCTV was installed less
      than a year ago. Since then I did two calls for support, because the CCTV
      didn't work well. The first time I wait 6 weeks before they call back. Now
      I'm waiting for two weeks. They are very busy they told me.

      In my opinion all companies involved in the accessibility industry must
      make a public statement about their level of service and support. We as
      consumers must inform each other about which companies have a good service
      and which have a bad. We must warn each other for companies with bad
      support. So that other people do not buy from these companies.

      If you have any experiences with bad or good support, please let me know.

      Regards Peter Verhoeven