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    (Disclaimer: You have received this email is because we joined the same egroup. If you do not want to see our mail in your inbox, you may go to yahoo egroups
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2005
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      (Disclaimer: You have received this email is because we joined the
      same egroup. If you do not want to see our mail in your inbox,
      you may go to yahoo egroups you joined to choose the Option
      which will not forward egroup's message to your inbox. Thanks )

      Dear Caring friend,


      The Neo-cons appear to manipulate US media and foreign
      media too in order to achieve their selfish agenda.

      It is our Citizens DUTY to Diligently Write Letters
      to our President and to all the Washington politicians.

      For the sake of the World Peace and Justice, we urge

      Enclosed is an important SAMPLE LETTER for your
      references and CONTACT Information. EVERY

      @@@ : Due to the Importance and Urgency of this
      letters, we urge you to write all of the letters RIGHT NOW !!!
      Or at least COMPLETE them in the Next Couple of Days !!!

      @@@: We urge you to Write your own letters and express
      YOUR OWN OPINIONS on this important issue.
      Or you may change our Subject line a little bit if you wish.
      Thanks so much for your efforts for World's Peace and Justice .

      @@@ SPECIAL ATTENTION # 1 :
      In order to be able to send to all of the email addresses
      listed in our "CONTACT LIST" below, you must delete the
      "space" between "@ " and the first character after that
      if there is one before you send your letter .

      @@@ SPECIAL ATTENTION # 2 :
      If you like our messages, please go to Yahoo Egroup
      to direct the email to your INBOX . Because we may
      not list the contacting addresses clearly in the future. THANKS.

      SAMPLE LETTER : (Please place your Name, City, State, and
      Name of your Country at the Beginning and End of your letter. Thanks.)

      NOTE: The following Sample Letter is based on our opinions
      and published information.

      From: Your Name,
      Your City,
      Your State, Your Zip Code


      Dear Mr. President,

      It is so shocking to see our Defense department again to
      resume its controversial, abusive Domestic Military
      Intelligence on American citizens.

      As concerned Voters, we urge our President and our Congress to :

      1: Please immidiately STOP the Undemocratic, Abusive "Domestic
      Military Intelligence" to spy and Suppress ordinary American
      citizens and suppress their civil Rights.

      2 : Please remove the Neo-Conservatives in Pentagon,
      White House and State Department. It is under those
      Neo-con leaders' wrong direction that America appears
      to have become a deceptive and oppressing country .
      Please thoroughly investigate the above case and find
      out which top leaders are responsible for using money to
      bribe and buy foreign journalists and foreign media to
      deceive their citizens.

      3 : Please STOP Interfering with foreign government's
      INTERNAL AFFAIRS anymore. Please RESPECT other
      countries' Soverienty. Our Neo-Con's controlled
      government appears engaging in the Interference
      in nearly every government in the World .

      On Dec. 2, 2005, in just one day, we saw 3 news reports
      on Venezuela, Myanmar and Paraguay all appearing to be
      related to America's relentless interference again by using
      military harassment, OR money to buy them so that to achieve
      the Neo-Con's selfish political agenda

      Also we are not surprised to see such a report like the
      one from New York Times on Dec. 1, 2005. It said :
      "But far from being the heartfelt opinion of an Iraqi writer,
      as its language implied, the article was prepared by the
      United States Military as part of a multimillion-dollar covert
      campaign to plant paid propaganda in the Iraqi news media
      and pay friendly Iraqi journalists monthly stipends, military
      contractors and officials said."
      " U.S. Is Said to Pay to Plant Articles in Iraq Papers ." :

      It appears only a tip of the iceberg. Some reports said that our
      government may also use money to buy some foreign country's media, their
      journalists and their politicians so as to
      achieve our government's political agenda in those countries. .

      Also according to America's own Government Accountability Office, it was
      recently revealed that our government had
      violated the law many times by producing pseudo news reports
      that were later used on American television stations with no indication
      that they had been prepared by the U.S. Government.

      We do believe that the top Neo-Cons in the Administration
      do often Mislead and Deceive our President .

      While our country is the only Superpower in the world,
      however, in our opinion, the true Democracy created by our
      founding fathers has been destroyed by the fanatic Neo-Cons
      and other Political and Religious ideological extremists who
      still occupy many of the top positions in our government.

      If our government exercises lies in other countries,
      then how can we be a "Democratic" Model for them ?

      In our opinion, a truly Democratic country will Never use
      Military, Money or Lies to threaten and entice other
      governments in order to fulfill its own selfish interests.

      It is very sad to see that our president's most trusted
      top Chief had brought in all the Neo-Cons into our
      government since our President's started first term.

      The U.S. Neo-Cons destroyed America's Democracy and
      they have severely endangered the World's Peace,
      Justice and Prosperity. We urge our President to
      use wisdom, determination to Remove Neo-Cons' Power.
      We urge our President to stop Neo-Cons abusing their
      power to suppress and threaten American citizens.
      America's Credibility is severely damaged by the Neo-Cons.

      If our opinion offends you,please accept our apology. thanks.


      Your Name,
      Your City,
      Your State, Your Zip Code
      Your Country's Name.


      There are about 10 Categories of the Contacts.
      All of the following CONTACTS are so URGENT to Reach .

      ******** SPECIAL ATTENTION ********
      In order to be able to send to all of the email addresses
      below, you must delete the "space" between "@ " and
      the first character after that if there is one.


      Please address to: Dear Mr. President ,

      a: 202-456-1111 b: 202-456-1414,
      Fax: 202-456-2461 (in U.S.A.)
      Whitehouse Website: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

      EMAIL : president@ whitehouse.gov , (@... )

      * It is very important to also send your letter to the key
      Cabinet members to let them know YOUR OPINIONS :
      Copy the following list and paste the list to BCC field
      in your email. In the TO field, fill in with President
      Bush's email address. Note: it must have comma between addresses.

      NOTE : Do NOT send more than 45 addresses each time !!!
      Please remove the space between @ and the first character.

      first.lady@ whitehouse.gov,
      dcfo@ do.treas.gov , the.secretary@ hq.doe.gov ,
      contactustr@ ustr.gov , webmaster@ ustr.gov ,
      feedback@ www.whitehouse.gov,
      hotline@ oig.dol.gov , oigprograms@ oig.dol.gov ,
      cgutierrez@ doc.gov, customer@ ferc.gov,
      contact-oasp@ dol.gov , contact-oas@ dol.gov ,
      webmaster-opa@ dol.gov, webmaster@ dol.gov ,
      AskDOJ@ usdoj.gov, webmaster@ usdoj.gov,
      ConsolidationEIS@ nuclear.energy.gov,
      webmaster@ doc.gov, customer@ ferc.gov,
      fewebmaster@ hq.doe.gov, steven.goering@ hq.doe.gov,
      michael.kilpatrick@ oa.doe.gov,
      karen.harbert@ hq.doe.gov, china@ un.int,
      ighotline@ hq.doe.gov, richard.burrow@ hq.doe.gov,
      info@ crp.org, webmaster@ crp.org ,
      enforcement@ sec.gov, tb-petitions@ ohchr.org ,
      info@ who.int, library@ who.int , enquiries@ wto.org ,
      feedback@ wto.org , publications@ wto.org,
      info@ crp.org, webmaster@ crp.org,
      enforcement@ sec.gov ,

      webmaster@ gao.gov , BeckerS@ gao.gov ,
      JarmonG@ gao.gov, AndersonP1@ gao.gov ,
      ago@ ago.state.ma.us, agsec@ usda.gov,
      Secretary@ state.gov,
      adela.backiel@ usda.gov, contactustr@ ustr.gov ,
      oigprograms@ oig.dol.gov , taharallys@ state.gov ,
      USUNHostCountry@ state.gov , LKaufman@ doc.gov,
      MaryBrown_Brewer@ ita.doc.gov , ebtpp@ state.gov,
      rhond KJMWEB@ fcc.gov , Kathleen.Abernathy@ fcc.gov ,
      Michael.Copps@ fcc.gov , Jonathan.Adelstein@ fcc.gov,
      a.keenum@ mail.doc.gov ,


      U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE Condoleezza RICE

      Please address to : Dear Honorable Secretary of State RICE ,

      a: Please email to ALL of the following Web Email addresses :


      b: Please also send to all following important Email Addresses :

      secretary@ state.gov , AskPublicAffairs@ state.gov,
      ebtpp@ state.gov , FPCOwner@ state.gov,
      FOIAWebmaster@ state.gov, taharallys@ state.gov,
      USUNHostCountry@ state.gov ,

      d: FAX : 202-261-8577

      the imporant Senators :

      Please REMOVE the space between "@" and the first character
      after that in the email address if there is one before you send :

      Please address to : Dear Honorable Senator ,
      Or Dear Senator , or Dear Congressman ,

      * Senator Chuck Hagel (R) 202-224-4224 402-758-8981

      * Senator Richard Lugar, CHAIRMAN OF SENATE
      Please send a FAX and an EMAIL to him !!!
      Fax: 202-228-0360
      Email: senator_lugar@ lugar.senate.gov ,

      * Senator Bill Frist, Majority Leader :
      Fax: (202) 228-1264. Email:
      * Senator Harry Reid , Minority Leader ,

      * Senator John Kerry :
      * Sen. Pete Domenici, Chairman of Energy & Natural Resources :
      * Sen. Jeff Bingaman, Ranking member of Senate Energy Committee :
      senator_bingaman@ bingaman.senate.gov ,
      * Sen. Thad Cochran , Chairman of Appropriations Committee :

      * Senator Susan Collins : Chairman of Homeland Security ,
      Fax: (202) 224-2693
      * Congressman Nancy Pelosi ,
      sf.nancy@ mail.house.gov (@... )

      * Senator John Warner :
      * House Armed Services Committee Ranking member :
      Congressman Ike Skelton :
      (Note: Please send a FAX to him if you can. Thanks. )
      Phone: (202) 225-2876, Fax: (202) 225-2695
      * Senator Carl Levin :
      * Senator John McCain :

      * Senator Elizabeth Dole : Tel: 202- 224-6342
      * Senator Patrick Leahy :
      E-mail: senator_leahy@ leahy.senate.gov (@... )
      * Senator Ted Stevens :
      * Senator Tom Harkin:

      *: House Judiciary Committee :
      Please address to : Dear Congressman,
      * Senate Judiciary Committee :
      * Senator Pat Roberts, Tel: (202) 224-4774

      * US House International Relations Committee :
      * Write to Democratic National Committee :
      * House Speaker Congressman J. Dennis Hastert
      Tel: 202-225-2976, Fax : 202-225-0697

      * Congressman Bill Thomas, Chairman of
      House Ways and Means Committee.
      FAX : 202-225-8798
      Email: http://billthomas.house.gov/contact.asp
      * Senator Joseph Biden (D - DE)
      Fax: 202-224-0139
      Email: senator@ biden.senate.gov ,

      * Senator John Cornyn
      * Senator Paul Sarbanes 202-224-4524,
      * Senator Christopher Dodd (D) 202-224-2823

      * Senator Lindsey Graham :
      * Senator Hillary Clinton : Tel: (202) 224-4451
      * Senator Jesse Helms (R): Tel: 202-224-6342 , 919-856-4630

      * Senator Olympia J. Snowe
      * Senator Mitch McConnell ,
      * Senator Bill Nelson (D) 202-224-5274
      * Senator Barack OBAMA , Tel: (202) 224-2854
      * Senator Edward Kennedy :

      * Senator Russ Feingold (D) 202-224-5323
      russ_feingold@ feingold.senate.gov (@... )
      * Sen. Diane Feinstein :
      * Senator Babara Boxer :
      * Sentor Robert Byrd,
      * Senator John Edwards :

      * Sen. Richard Durbin ,
      * Sen. George Allen (R-VA) :
      * Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) 202-224-6472
      senator@ rockefeller.senate.gov , ( @... )
      * Senator Sam Brownback, (R-KS)

      * Sen. Byron Dorgan,(D - ND)
      E-mail: senator@ dorgan.senate.gov ,
      * Sen. Arlen Specter :

      * Senator Ron Wyden ,
      * Senator J Gregg,
      Email: mailbox@ gregg.senate.gov ,
      * Senator Kent Conrad :
      * Senator Rick Santorum ,
      * Senator Mike DeWine , (OH)
      * Senator Oren Hatch :

      * House Majority Leader Tom DeLay :
      Tel : (202) 225-5951 , Fax: (202) 225-5241
      * House Majority Whip : Congressman Roy Blunt "
      E-mail: blunt@ mail.house.gov ,
      * House Conf. Chair : Congressman Deborah Pryce
      Email: pryce.oh15@ mail.house.gov ,
      * House Policy Committe Chair: Congrssman Christopher Cox :
      Email: christopher.cox@ mail.house.gov ,
      * House Democratic Caucus Chair : Congressman Robert Menendez
      Email: menendez@ mail.house.gov ,

      *: Congressman: Ron Paul (R-TX) : Tel: (202) 225-2831
      * Senator Lincoln Chafee : Tel: (202) 224-2921
      * Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
      * Senator John Cornyn (TX) :

      * Sen. James Inhofe - (R-OK):
      * Sen. Max Baucus- (D - MT)
      * Sen. Tim Johnson :

      * Sen. Joseph Lieberman ,
      * Senator Charles Grassley :
      * Sen. Trent Lott :
      senatorlott@ lott.senate.gov
      * Sen. Jim Talent (R-MO) :

      * Sen. Ken Salazar (CO) : ( a new Senator ) :
      * Senator Mel Martinez , (FL) : (a new senator )
      info@..., ( @... )
      * Sen. Johnny Isakson, (R - GA) (a new senator )
      * Sen. David Vitter , (a new senator )
      * Sen. Richard Burr , (R-NC ) (a new senator )
      * Sen. Tom Coburn , (a new senator )
      Email: curt.price@ coburnforsenate.com, (@... )
      Tel: 202-224-5754 , Fax: 202-224-6008
      * Sen. Jim DeMint , (a new senator )
      * Sen. John Thune, (a new senator )
      Email: info@ johnthune.com , (@... )

      * Congressman Bernie Sanders .
      Please Address to : Dear Congressman,
      * Senator Judd Gregg (R),
      Email: mailbox@ gregg.senate.gov ,
      * Senator Lamar Alexander :

      * Senator Lisa Murkowski :
      * Senator Mark Pryor :

      * Senator Norm Coleman :
      * Senator Frank Lautenberg
      * Senator Michael Enzi : Tel: (202) 224-3424
      Click below and then click on "Email me" :
      * Senator George Voinovich :
      Click below and then click on "Contact" :



      It is very IMPORTANT to let as many Senators as possible
      to know your opinions :

      Please COPY the following list and then PASTE in the
      BCC field in your Email.
      Please address to : Dear Senator or
      Dear Honorable Senator,

      *** ATTENTION ****:
      a: It must have a comma between addresses.
      b: It is a suggestion to you to divide the following
      list into smaller
      lists contains for no more than 50 email addresses in your
      BCC field for each SEND. You may place any of your other
      email address in the TO field.
      c: Please REMOVE the space between "@" and the first
      character after that in every address if there is one
      before you send :

      admin@ energy.senate.gov, administrator@ campbell.senate.gov,
      administrator@ gramm.senate.gov,
      blanche_lincoln@ lincoln.senate.gov,
      bob_graham@ graham.senate.gov,
      chuck_grassley@ grassley.senate.gov,
      chuck_hagel@ hagel.senate.gov, dick@ durbin.senate.gov,
      civis@ europarl.eu.int , comments@ JEC.senate.gov,
      conrad_burns@ burns.senate.gov, craig@ thomas.senate.gov,
      curator@ sec.senate.gov, David.Byrne@ cec.eu.int,
      development@ cec.eu.int, dgregio@ inforegio.cec.eu.int,
      frank_lautenberg@ lautenberg.senate.gov,
      info@ johnkerry.com, webmaster@ johnkerry.com,
      meetup@ johnkerry.com, statepages@ johnkerry.com ,
      jkwebmaster@ kerry.senate.gov,
      John_Kerry@ kerry.senate.gov,
      herta.daeubler-gmelin@ bundestag.de,
      historian@ sec.senate.gov,
      ictr-press@ un.org , info@ dpc.senate.gov,
      info@ kyl.senate.gov,
      information@ icj-cij.org, jack@ reed.senate.gov,

      jesse_helms@ helms.senate.gov,
      jim_bunning@ bunning.senate.gov,
      jim_inhofe@ inhofe.senate.gov, john_kerry@ kerry.senate.gov,
      kit_bond@ bond.senate.gov, larry_craig@ craig.senate.gov,
      mail@ icj-cij.org , mailbox@ aging.senate.gov,
      mailbox@ gregg.senate.gov, mailbox@ rpc.senate.gov,
      max@ baucus.senate.gov, olympia@ snowe.senate.gov,
      opinion@ smith.senate.gov, Oregon@ gsmith.senate.gov,
      pat_roberts@ roberts.senate.gov,
      phil_gramm@ gramm.senate.gov,
      postmaster@ dpc.senate.gov, publicaffairs@ js.pentagon.mil,
      robert.aderholt@ mail.house.gov,
      russell_feingold@ feingold.senate.gov
      sam_brownback@ brownback.senate.gov,
      senator.hutchinson@ hutchinson.senate.gov,
      caseworker_dewine@ dewine.senate.gov,
      senator@ akaka.senate.gov, senator@ bayh.senate.gov,
      senator@ bennelson.senate.gov,
      senator@ bennett.senate.gov,
      senator@ boxer.senate.gov,
      senator@ breaux.senate.gov, senator@ bryan.senate.gov,

      senator@ clinton.senate.gov, senator@ cochran.senate.gov,
      senator@ collins.senate.gov, senator@ conrad.senate.gov,
      senator@ dodd.senate.gov, senator@ dorgan.senate.gov,
      senator@ dpm.senate.gov, senator@ edwards.senate.gov,
      senator@ ensign.senate.gov, senator@ enzi.senate.gov,
      senator@ feinstein.senate.gov, senator@ hollings.senate.gov,
      senator@ hutchison.senate.gov,
      senator@ rockefeller.senate.gov,
      senator@ inouye.senate.gov, senator@ kennedy.senate.gov,
      senator@ landrieu.senate.gov, senator@ mcconnell.senate.gov,
      senator@ mikulski.senate.gov, senator@ nickles.senate.gov,
      senator@ santorum.senate.gov, senator@ sarbanes.senate.gov,
      Senator@ Sessions.senate.gov, senator@ shelby.senate.gov,
      senator@ stabenow.senate.gov,
      senator@ thurmond.senate.gov,
      senator@ warner.senate.gov, senator@ wyden.senate.gov,
      senator_frist@ frist.senate.gov,
      senator_gorton@ gorton.senate.gov,
      senator_hatch@ hatch.senate.gov,
      senator_kohl@ kohl.senate.gov,
      senator_leahy@ leahy.senate.gov,

      senator_lugar@ lugar.senate.gov,
      senator_reid@ reid.senate.gov,
      senator_robb@ robb.senate.gov,
      historian@ sec.senate.gov ,
      senator_allard@ exchange.senate.gov,
      senator_bingaman@ bingaman.senate.gov,
      senator_byrd@ byrd.senate.gov,
      senator_carnahan@ carnahan.senate.gov,
      senator_chafee@ chafee.senate.gov,
      senator_dewine@ dewine.senate.gov,
      senator_domenici@ domenici.senate.gov,
      senator_fitzgerald@ fitzgerald.senate.gov,
      senator_max_cleland@ cleland.senate.gov,
      senator_mccain@ mccain.senate.gov,
      senator_murray@ murray.senate.gov,
      senator_thompson@ thompson.senate.gov,
      senator_torricelli@ torricelli.senate.gov,
      senator_voinovich@ voinovich.senate.gov,
      senator2@ levin.senate.gov, senatorlott@ lott.senate.gov,
      tim@ johnson.senate.gov,
      tim_johnson@ johnson.senate.gov,

      tom_harkin@ harkin.senate.gov,
      vermont@ jeffords.senate.gov,
      webmaster@ icj-cij.org,
      webmaster@ repub-conf.senate.gov,
      webmaster@ sec.senate.gov,
      webmaster@ small-bus.senate.gov,
      Year2000@ y2k.senate.gov,
      webmaster@ feinstein.senate.gov,
      tom_daschle@ daschle.senate.gov,
      senator_specter@ specter.senate.gov,
      frontdesk@ salazarforcolorado.com,
      info@ melforsenate.org, info@ isakson.net ,
      info@ obamaforillinois.com , info@ vitterforsenate.com ,
      beckcage@ bellsouth.net, curt.price@ coburnforsenate.com,
      info@ jimdemint.com, frontdesk@ salazarforcolorado.com,
      info@ johnthune.com,


      It is very IMPORTANT to let as many Congresssman
      as possible to know your opinions :

      Please COPY the following list and then PASTE in the
      BCC field in your Email.
      Please address to : Dear Congressman or
      Dear Honorable Congressman ,

      *** ATTENTION ****:
      a: It must have a comma between addresses.
      b: It is a suggestion to you to divide the following list into smaller
      lists contains for no more than 50 email addresses in your
      BCC field for each SEND. You may place any of your other
      email address in the TO field.
      c: Please REMOVE the space between "@" and the first
      character after that in every address if there is one
      before you send :

      bill.young@ mail.house.gov , jeff.flake@ mail.house.gov ,
      dana@ mail.house.gov , Faleomavaega@ mail.house.gov ,
      sherrod@ mail.house.gov, julie.duhme@ mail.house.gov ,
      rep.knollenberg@ mail.house.gov, rep.kirk@ mail.house.gov ,
      jjackson@ jessejacksonjr.org , rep.kaptur@ mail.house.gov ,
      sarah.morgan@ mail.house.gov ,
      amanda.allexson@ mail.house.gov,
      tom.latham@ mail.house.gov , chris.vanhollen@ mail.house.gov,
      cong.baca@ mail.house.gov, david.vitter@ mail.house.gov,
      diane.watson@ mail.house.gov, gingrey.ga@ mail.house.gov,
      hilda@ mail.house.gov, jim.cooper@ mail.house.gov,
      jim.matheson@ mail.house.gov, jim.saxton@ mail.house.gov,
      katherine.harris@ mail.house.gov, publicca41@ mail.house.gov,
      rep.harold.ford@ mail.house.gov, tellupton@ mail.house.gov,
      tim.ryan@ mail.house.gov, writehenrybrown@ mail.house.gov,
      zoe.lofgren@ mail.house.gov, adam.smith@ mail.house.gov,
      agriculture@ mail.house.gov, alcee.pubhastings@ mail.house.gov,
      amo.houghton@ mail.house.gov, Anibal@ mail.house.gov,
      annagram@ mail.house.gov, arcoiris@ mail.house.gov,
      asa.hutchinson@ mail.house.gov, ask.gene@ mail.house.gov,

      ask.heather@ mail.house.gov, ask.helen@ mail.house.gov,
      askgeorge@ mail.house.gov, Baldacci@ me02.house.gov ,
      Barbara.Cubin@ mail.house.gov, Barbara.lee@ mail.house.gov,
      barr.ga@ mail.house.gov, bart.gordon@ mail.house.gov,
      ben@ mail.house.gov, bill.luther@ mail.house.gov ,
      bill.mccollum@ mail.house.gov, bill.pascrell@ mail.house.gov,
      Bill.Young@ mail.house.gov, bishop.email@ mail.house.gov,
      blunt@ mail.house.gov, bob.clement@ mail.house.gov,
      bob.etheridge@ mail.house.gov, bobby.rush@ mail.house.gov,
      bobwise@ mail.house.gov, bozrah@ mail.house.gov,
      brian.baird@ mail.house.gov, brian.bilbray@ mail.house.gov,
      budget@ mail.house.gov, budmail@ mail.house.gov,
      c.pickering@ mail.house.gov, callearl@ mail.house.gov,
      campbell@ mail.house.gov, cannon.ut03@ mail.house.gov,
      cass.ballenger@ mail.house.gov, cbass@ mail.house.gov,
      christopher.john@ mail.house.gov,
      Cong.Merrill.Cook@ mail.house.gov,
      congjones@ mail.house.gov, CongMcIntyre@ mail.house.gov,
      congmeeks@ mail.house.gov,
      congressman.cooksey@ mail.house.gov,
      congressman.issa@ mail.house.gov, cstearns@ mail.house.gov,

      cubin.webmaster@ mail.house.gov , curtpa07@ mail.house.gov,
      cymck@ mail.house.gov, dana@ mail.house.gov,
      danny.davis@ mail.house.gov, darlene@ mail.house.gov,
      davecamp@ mail.house.gov, david.bonior@ mail.house.gov,
      david.phelps@ mail.house.gov, david.price@ mail.house.gov,
      david.skaggs@ mail.house.gov, dearsue@ mail.house.gov,
      debbie.stabenow@ mail.house.gov, degette@ mail.house.gov,
      delauro.ct03@ mail.house.gov, delaware@ mail.house.gov,
      democratic.caucus@ mail.house.gov,
      dennis.moore@ mail.house.gov, dhastert@ mail.house.gov,
      dkildee@ mail.house.gov, don.young@ mail.house.gov,
      Donald.Payne@ mail.house.gov, Donna.Green@ mail.house.gov ,
      doug.ose@ mail.house.gov , dunnwa08@ mail.house.gov,
      EClayton1@ mail.house.gov, ed.pastor@ mail.house.gov,
      ed.royce@ mail.house.gov, ed.whitfield@ mail.house.gov,
      edolphus.towns@ mail.house.gov, ehrlich@ mail.house.gov,
      ernest.fletcher@ mail.house.gov, faleomavaega@ mail.house.gov,
      fl01@ mail.house.gov, fl09@ mail.house.gov, fla15@ mail.house.gov,
      floyd.spence@ mail.house.gov, frank.mascara@ mail.house.gov,
      Frank.Pallone@ mail.house.gov, franksnj@ mail.house.gov,

      ga06@ mail.house.gov , gary.condit@ mail.house.gov,
      gene.taylor@ mail.house.gov, George.Miller@ mail.house.gov,
      George.nethercutt-pub@ mail.house.gov,
      george.radanovich@ mail.house.gov,
      gephardt@ mail.house.gov, gil.gutknecht@ mail.house.gov,
      gloria.charlie@ mail.house.gov, grace@ mail.house.gov,
      greg.walden@ mail.house.gov, guamtodc@ mail.house.gov,
      hans.hogrefe@ mail.house.gov , henry.bonilla@ mail.house.gov,
      hford@ hr.house.gov, HIRC@ mail.house.gov,
      howard.coble@ mail.house.gov, ike.skelton@ mail.house.gov,
      in09.wyr@ housemail.house.gov, istook@ mail.house.gov,
      j.shadegg@ mail.house.gov, jack.kingston@ mail.house.gov,
      jack.metcalf@ mail.house.gov, james.langevin@ mail.house.gov,
      james.mcgovern@ mail.house.gov, jay.inslee@ mail.house.gov,
      jay.johnson@ mail.house.gov, jclyburn@ mail.house.gov,
      jdhayworth@ mail.house.gov , JER@ mail.house.gov,
      jerry.moran@ mail.house.gov, jerry.weller@ mail.house.gov,
      jerry4wi@ mail.house.gov, jfc.il12@ mail.house.gov,
      jim.barcia-pub@ mail.house.gov, jim.demint@ mail.house.gov,
      jim.kolbe@ mail.house.gov, jim.mccrery@ mail.house.gov,
      jim.mcgovern@ mail.house.gov , jim.moran@ mail.house.gov,
      jjduncan@ mail.house.gov, jmoakley@ mail.house.gov,

      joann.emerson@ mail.house.gov, joe.moakley@ mail.house.gov,
      joe.skeen@ mail.house.gov, Joe.Wilson@ mail.house.gov,
      john.boehner@ mail.house.gov, john.conyers@ mail.house.gov,
      John.Hostettler@ mail.house.gov, john.lewis@ mail.house.gov,
      john.linder@ mail.house.gov, john.mica@ mail.house.gov,
      john.olver@ mail.house.gov, John.Peterson@ mail.house.gov,
      john.tanner@ mail.house.gov, jserrano@ mail.house.gov,
      jthune@ mail.house.gov, judiciary@ mail.house.gov,
      ken.bentsen@ mail.house.gov, Kennelly@ mail.house.gov,
      kevin.ryan@ mail.house.gov, lane.evans@ mail.house.gov,
      latham.ia05@ mail.house.gov, lazio@ mail.house.gov,
      leach.ia01@ mail.house.gov, lloyd.doggett@ mail.house.gov,
      lobiondo@ mail.house.gov, lois.capps@ mail.house.gov,
      loretta@ mail.house.gov, louiseny@ mail.house.gov,
      luis.gutierrez@ mail.house.gov, Lynn.Rivers@ mail.house.gov,
      lynn.woolsey@ mail.house.gov, m.thompson@ mail.house.gov,
      mac.collins@ mail.house.gov, mail.gibbons@ mail.house.gov,
      major.owens@ mail.house.gov, mark.foley@ mail.house.gov,
      mark.green@ mail.house.gov, mark.kennedy@ mail.house.gov ,
      mark.udall@ mail.house.gov, matt.salmon@ mail.house.gov,

      max.sandlin@ mail.house.gov, mchale@ mail.house.gov,
      mcintosh@ mail.house.gov, menendez@ mail.house.gov,
      mhinchey@ mail.house.gov, mike.forbes@ mail.house.gov,
      mike.honda@ mail.house.gov, mike.oxley@ mail.house.gov,
      Millender.McDonald@ mail.house.gov, miller13@ mail.house.gov,
      mtmeehan@ mail.house.gov,


      6 : It is extremely Important to CONTACT EU to let
      them know Your Opinions :

      Please address to : Dear EU , or Dear Sir,
      Please COPY the following list and then PASTE in the
      BCC field in your Email.

      *** ATTENTION ****:
      a: It must have a comma between addresses.
      b: It is a suggestion to you to divide the following list into smaller
      lists contains for no more than 50 email addresses in your
      BCC field for each SEND. You may place any of your other
      email address in the TO field.
      c: Please REMOVE the space between "@" and the first
      character after that in every address if there is one
      before you send :

      2ndchance@ cec.eu.int, agri-library@ cec.eu.int,
      atlas@ cec.eu.int, biblio-access@ cec.eu.int,
      biblio-catalog@ cec.eu.int, biblio-diffus@ cec.eu.int,
      biblio-ill@ cec.eu.int, biblio-library@ cec.eu.int,
      biblio-library@ cec.eu.int, biblio-prets@ cec.eu.int,
      breda.tynan@ cec.eu.int, budget@ cec.eu.int,
      carnot@ cec.eu.int, civil-protection@ cec.eu.int,
      ctp-action-programme@ cec.eu.int, David.Byrne@ cec.eu.int,
      development@ cec.eu.int, dgregio@ inforegio.cec.eu.int,
      ec-biotechnology@ cec.eu.int , ecoindustry@ cec.eu.int,
      ecolabel@ cec.eu.int, EFEX@ cec.eu.int,
      elarg-info@ cec.eu.int, elarg-webmaster@ cec.eu.int,
      electricity@ cec.eu.int, emas@ cec.eu.int,
      empl-eures@ cec.eu.int, empl-info@ cec.eu.int,
      ener-ten@ cec.eu.int, entr-enlargement@ cec.eu.int,
      europawebmaster@ cec.eu.int , env-climate@ cec.eu.int,
      env-IPPC-info@ cec.eu.int, env-waste@ cec.eu.int,
      envinfo@ cec.eu.int, eqop@ cec.eu.int, europa-di@ cec.eu.int,
      europass@ cec.eu.int, EuropeAid-info@ cec.eu.int,
      EuropeAid-info@ cec.eu.int, eurostat-infodesk@ cec.eu.int,
      Feedback-scr@ cec.eu.int, fisheries-info@ cec.eu.int,
      gas@ cec.eu.int, growth@ cec.eu.int,

      helpdesk-online-opoce@ cec.eu.int,
      improving@ cec.eu.int, inco@ cec.eu.int,
      Info-Entreprises@ cec.eu.int, info-sales-opoce@ cec.eu.int,
      infocomp@ cec.eu.int, infocomp@ cec.eu.int,
      infso-ist2000@ cec.eu.int, INFSO-ISWEB@ cec.eu.int,
      ingyo@ cec.eu.int, innovation@ cec.eu.int, IST@ cec.eu.int,
      ist@ cec.eu.int, kabinett-fischler@ cec.eu.int, langmin@ cec.eu.int,
      life-environment@ cec.eu.int, life-tcy@ cec.eu.int,
      markt-A4@ cec.eu.int, markt-info@ cec.eu.int,
      olaf-courrier@ cec.eu.int, PACT@ cec.eu.int,
      press-web@ cec.eu.int , publications@ cec.eu.int,
      quality-of-life@ cec.eu.int, quality@ cec.eu.int,
      relex-feedback@ cec.eu.int, relex-webmaster@ cec.eu.int,
      research-sme@ cec.eu.int, research@ cec.eu.int,
      sanco-helpline@ cec.eu.int, save-agences@ cec.eu.int,
      save-pace@ cec.eu.int, sdt-webmaster@ cec.eu.int,
      sg-coneccs@ cec.eu.int , sg-governance@ cec.eu.int ,
      sg-info@ cec.eu.int , sg-acc-doc@ cec.eu.int,
      sg-eurorapp@ cec.eu.int, archis@ cec.eu.int,
      ec-biotechnology@ cec.eu.int, sg-eurobull@ cec.eu.int,
      SG-Code-de-bonne-conduite@ cec.eu.int,
      sg-bordereau@ cec.eu.int, sg-coneccs@ cec.eu.int,
      sg-plaintes@ cec.eu.int, sg-infractions@ cec.eu.int,

      sg-prelex@ cec.eu.int, sg-registre@ cec.eu.int,
      Futurum@ cec.eu.int, synergy@ cec.eu.int,
      thermie@ cec.eu.int, tif@ cec.eu.int,
      vol@ cec.eu.int, idea@ opoce.cec.eu.int,
      trade-A3@ cec.eu.int , cabinet-barnier@ cec.eu.int
      pm@ pm.gc.ca , qh@ vasc.com.vn ,
      webmaster@ mofa.gov.vn,
      webmestre@ premier-ministre.gouv.fr ,
      mail@ primeminister.gr , admin@ primeminister.gr ,
      sajtoiroda@ meh.hu , szerk@ ekormanyzat.hu,
      lakossag@ meh.hu ,
      visits@ hq.nato.int, Academics@ hq.nato.int,
      natodoc@ hq.nato.int, natodoc@ hq.nato.int ,
      cabinet@ mod.mil.be , information@ forces.gc.ca ,
      webmestre@ premier-ministre.gouv.fr ,
      dsn-brc@ sga.defense.gouv.fr ,
      info@ gendarmerie.defense.gouv.fr ,
      contact@ terre.defense.gouv.fr ,

      dcirle@ comle.terre.defense.gouv.fr ,
      bic@ dpmat.terre.defense.gouv.fr ,
      honvedelem@ armedia.hu , spi.ufficiostampa@ difesa.it ,
      defensie.voorlichting@ co.dnet.mindef.nl,
      secretaria.geral@ sg.mdn.gov.pt,
      geral.dgprm@ dgprm.mdn.gov.pt,
      dgaed@ dgaed.mdn.gov.pt, infodefensa@ mde.es,
      minisdef@ ext.mde.es, public@ ministers.mod.uk ,
      haal@ mod.gsi.gov.uk, haal@ gtnet.gov.uk,
      webmaster@ dgics.mod.uk, natodoc@ hq.nato.int ,
      cab.ae@ diplobel.org, enqserv@ dfait-maeci.gc.ca,
      bcm@ dfait-maeci.gc.ca, voyage@ dfait-maeci.gc.ca ,



      Your two US Senators, one US Representative.
      You may also send a copy to your State Governor too .

      Please Address to : Dear Senator or Dear Congressman ,
      Now Click : http://congress.org/congressorg/home/

      Then enter your ZIP CODE , then click "go" .
      Then click on the "Info" . Please find your 2 U.S. Senators
      and 1 Representatives' Email, Fax number and Phone number .

      @@ Please never forget to let them know your are their Constituents.



      It is extremely IMPORTANT to Contact
      UNITED NATION to let them know Your Opinions :

      Please address to : Dear UN Representative,
      Or : Dear Sir ,

      Please COPY the following list and then PASTE in the
      BCC field in your Email.

      *** ATTENTION ****:
      a: It must have a comma between addresses.
      b: It is a suggestion to you to divide the following list into smaller
      lists contains for no more than 50 email addresses in your
      BCC field for each SEND. You may place any of your other
      email address in the TO field.
      c: Please REMOVE the space between "@" and the first
      character after that in every address if there is one
      before you send :

      algeria@ un.int, benin@ un.int, chile@ un.int,
      china@ un.int, france@ un.int, germany@ un.int,
      pakistan@ un.int,philippines@ un.int,
      romania@ un.int, russia@ un.int, spain@ un.int,
      uk@ un.int, angola@ un.int, brazil@ un.int,
      canada@ un.int, congo@ un.int, qatar@ un.int,
      japan@ un.int, slovakia@ un.int, ghana@ un.int,
      peru@ un.int, india@ un.int,

      annan@ un.org, pubboard@ un.org, inquiries@ un.org,
      newscentre@ un.org, buchanane@ un.org,
      info@ unmovic.org, unmovic-admin@ un.org,
      official.mail@ iaea.org, unscat@ iaea.org ,
      info@ iaea.org, Webmaster@ iaea.org,info@ icrt.org,

      afghanistan@ un.int, albania@ un.int,
      algeria@ un.int,
      andorra@ un.int, angola@ un.int, antigua@ un.int,
      argentina@ un.int, armenia@ un.int, australia@ un.int,
      austria@ un.int, azerbaijan@ un.int, bahamas@ un.int,
      bahrain@ un.int, bangladesh@ un.int, barbados@ un.int,
      belarus@ un.int, belgium@ un.int,
      benebish@ un.int, benin@ un.int, bhutan@ un.int,
      bosnia@ un.int, botswana@ un.int,
      braun@ delbrasonu.org, brazil@ un.int, brunei@ un.int,
      bulgaria@ un.int, burundi@ un.int,
      caf@ un.int, cambodia@ un.int, cameroon@ un.int,
      canada@ un.int, capeverde@ un.int,
      chile@ un.int, colombia@ un.int,
      comoros@ un.int, croatia@ un.int,
      cuba@ un.int, cyprus@ un.int,

      kazakhstan@ un.int, kenya@ un.int,
      korea@ un.int, kuwait@ un.int, kyrgyzstan@ un.int,
      czechrepublic@ un.int, djibouti@ nyct.net,
      dominica@ un.int, dprk@ un.int, dr@ un.int,
      drcongo@ un.int, ecuador@ un.int, egypt@ un.int,
      eqguinea@ un.int, eritrea@ un.int,
      estonia@ un.int, ethiopia@ un.int, fiji@ un.int,
      finland@ un.int, france-presse@ un.int,
      france@ un.int,
      gabon@ un.int, georgia@ un.int,
      germany@ un.int, greece@ un.int,
      guinea-bissau@ un.int, guinea@ un.int,
      guyana@ un.int, hungary@ un.int,
      indonesia@ un.int, iran@ un.int, iraq@ un.int,
      ireland@ un.int, italy@ un.int, ivorycoast@ un.int,
      jamaica@ un.int, jordan@ un.int,

      laos@ un.int, latvia@ un.int, lebanon@ un.int,
      lesotho@ un.int, liberia@ un.int, libya@ un.int,
      liechtenstein@ un.int, Lithuanialithuania@ un.int,
      luxembourg@ un.int, macedonia@ un.int,
      madagascar@ un.int, malaysia@ un.int,
      maldives@ un.int, mali@ un.int, malta@ un.int,
      mauritania@ un.int, mauritius@ un.int, mexico@ un.int,
      micronesia@ un.int, moldova@ un.int, monaco@ un.int,
      mongolia@ un.int, morocco@ un.int, mozambique@ un.int,
      myanmar@ un.int, namibia@ un.int, nepal@ un.int,
      netherlands@ un.int, newzealand@ un.int,
      niger@ un.int, nigeria@ un.int,
      nigeria@ un.int, Nigeria@ un.int, oman@ un.int,
      pakistan@ un.int, pakistan@ un.int,
      pgansukh@ un.int, philippines@ un.int, png@ un.int,

      poland@ un.int, portugal@ un.int, portugal@ un.int,
      Portugal@ un.int, romania@ un.int,
      rwanda@ un.int, samoa@ un.int,
      sanmarino@ un.int, saudiarabia@ un.int,
      seychelles@ un.int, sierraleone@ un.int,
      singapore@ un.int, slovenia@ un.int,
      somalia@ un.int, southafrica@ un.int,
      spain@ un.int, srilanka@ un.int,
      stlucia@ un.int, stp@ un.int,
      sudan@ un.int, suriname@ un.int,
      sweden@ un.int, syria@ un.int, tajikistan@ un.int,
      tanzania@ un.int, thailand@ un.int, togo@ un.int,
      tto@ un.int, tunisia@ un.int, turkey@ un.int,

      turkmenistan@ un.int, uae@ un.int, uganda@ un.int,
      ukraine@ un.int, uruguay@ un.int,
      uzbekistan@ un.int, vanuatu@ un.int,
      venezuela@ un.int, vietnam@ un.int,
      yemen@ un.int, yugoslavia@ un.int,
      zambia@ un.int, zimbabwe@ un.int, nauru@ un.int,

      burkinafaso@ un.int, belize@ un.int, chad@ un.in,
      costarica@ un.int, dominica@ un.int,
      elsalvador@ un.int, gambia@ un.int,
      grenada@ un.int, guatemala@ un.int,
      haiti@ un.int, honduras@ un.int, kiribati@ un.int,
      malawi@ un.int, marshallislands@ un.int, nevis@ un.int,
      nicaragua@ un.int, Palaupalau@ un.int, panama@ un.int,
      paraguay@ un.int, solomonislands@ un.int,
      senegal@ un.int, stvg@ un.int, swaziland@ un.int,
      stkn@ un.int, stvg@ un.int, tuvalu@ un.int,

      Thanks for your Efforts for World's PEACE and JUSTICE.

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