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174192v8 to 2.4 Btrieve data conversion

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  • Arch Lineberger
    Mar 7, 2014
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      In Magic v8, Btrieve, there is a Memo Attribute that does not exist in Magic v2.4. The table has 4 fields:

      9-Byte Alpha
      1-byte Integer logical
      2-byte signed integer
      3502-byte Memo

      The total record size is displayed as 15 bytes.

      I have duplicated the fields in 2.4 with the Memo as a String BLOB. Its size is also 15 bytes. The single, unique index appears identical with the first 3 fields as segments totaling 15 bytes.

      Problem is that I get a data definition mismatch. Ideas?


      Arch Lineberger
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